How to improve printing quality for foundation boxes? 10 secret tips

Different cosmetic companies make use of their printed boxes for interaction with the audience. They print product-related content and grab the target customers. You should know that the quality of printed content is very important for attracting customers. Let’s see how to improve the printing quality of foundation boxes and make them lovable.

Place the logo at the top

You should know that logo is the main element that represents a brand in the market. When you are printing your custom foundation boxes, you should make sure that your logo is on the top side of the box. You may understand the top side of the box is visible to customers. Placing a logo at the top will let the audience know about your brand. It will also promote the company.

Don’t use the box corners

When you are printing your boxes, you shouldn’t use the corners of the box for printing. Do you know the reason behind this? You must understand that some printers don’t print the corners. Moreover, they can’t look good having any type of printed content. You may use printed stickers to paste at corners.

Choose graphics and images carefully 

We know that all cosmetic products come with product-related graphics and images. When you are printing boxes for your foundation, you should print the relevant images. These images and graphics should demonstrate the product. The right kind of graphics and imagery can help to grab the attention of target customers. It helps to elevate sales and make the business successful.

Print artwork 

You may increase the attractiveness of cardboard foundation boxes by printing artwork. You can find a lot of artwork by expert and talented artists. You must choose artwork that can be related to your products. It will increase the beauty of your boxes and help to win the love of the audience. Hence, printing artwork can also be a good option to make your packaging enticing.

Make a chain of logos

When you want to make your brand more popular among the audience, you can make a chain of logos. You can print this chain all over the box. You should choose a light color for this chain of logos so that other printed content can be visible. It will also give a pop look to your boxes.

Patterns and drawings 

When you have to make your boxes stand out from everyone else, you may also take help from patterns and drawings. You may get printed foundation boxes with enticing line drawings or floral drawings. Drawings will make them lovable. You can also print patterns to give them an appealing appearance. You may print patterns and drawings at selected parts of the box.

Appealing colors

The colors of the boxes and printed content are very important. You should know that these colors can produce psychological effects. You should choose colors by considering the psychography and demography of your target customers. You must also ensure that the colors of your boxes and printed content look good together. The right selection of colors can make your boxes decent and sophisticated.

Stylish fonts

We know that makeup boxes come with textual details about the product or brand. When you are going to type these details, you should make use of stylish and classy fonts. They should be elegant and easily readable. Choosing the right font style can make your packaging impressive.

Modern printing technologies 

Printing technology matters a lot. You must know that many kinds of printing technologies are available. They include offset and screen printing technology which are costly. When you have to print a large number of custom boxes, you should consider them. Digital printing technology is cheaper as compared to others. You should make sure that the printing quality is remarkable.

Eco-friendly printing inks

You must take care of the environment and make use of eco-friendly printing inks. You should know that your custom packaging should be safe for the environment. Toxic and dangerous inks may create a bad impact. They contain heavy metals that may cause serious health issues. 

We have explained different tips that can help to improve the printing quality of foundation boxes. You must know that all the images and graphics are HD and represent your product. They should contain the name and logo of your brand on the top side of the box. You must use modern printing technology and eco-friendly inks. 

Nikita Anjum

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