Everything You Need To Know About Embedding Google Reviews

Customer reviews are an important part of marketing to build customer trust, loyalty, and a stronger brand image. No business in this growing competitive landscape is able to make a good impression in the market without being satisfactory customer reviews. So if you need to expand your business, don’t forget that customer reviews are your business savior. 

One such potent customer review is the Google reviews, you can embed Google reviews on your website and display the authentic image of your business among your audience. Google reviews are the most authentic, validate, and popular customer reviews. So if you need to understand more about the Google reviews and how they will affect your online business, keep sticking to this blog and you will discover so much more about the Google reviews and what it pays to you for embedding Google reviews on your website. 

This is your guide to know everything about the Google reviews and embedding Google Review on your website. Let’s begin with, 

What Are Google Reviews? 

Google customer reviews are the most popular and easy way for customers to share their feedback for businesses. Your customers can find your business listing on the Google My Business page and share their reviews for your website. They can share their reviews in the feedback sections and once they publish it, everyone who arrives on your GMB page or searches for you on the search engines can see your Google customer reviews of your business. 

Google helps businesses to collect customer reviews without getting into the hassle of reaching customers one by one and provides a platform where they can share their genuine reviews without getting into trouble. 

What is amazing about Google reviews is that you can easily display them on your website with the embedding feature. Google provides a feature to business owners listed on their Google listing to embed their customer Google reviews on their website. However, there are also tools available on the internet that help you collect and embed Google reviews on websites. One major benefit of this tool is that you can collect Google reviews not only from your GMB account but from others too from popular locations and many more depending on the tool you are using. 

So now let’s learn about the benefits of embedding Google reviews on your website and how to embed them into your website. 

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On The Website

Build Brand Trust & Authority

If you want to build the authority of your brand among your customers, then there is nothing better than displaying the real customer feedback for your business. You can collect your customer reviews and display them on your website in a creative way. Moreover, your potential customers are looking for genuine customer feedback on your website. Hence displaying Google customer reviews increases website authority and reliability as they are unbiased from the real experience of people. 

Attract & Engage Customers

Displaying Google reviews and ratings increases the uniqueness of your website content. Google reviews are vibrant, interactive, and speak of real experiences of your customers that are important for the businesses to keep their customers engaged on their website. Embedding Google reviews increases your website appearance and grabs the attention of your customers instantly on your website. Instead of professionally building branded content, people are looking for genuine customer experiences with your business. Hence, displaying Google reviews on your website will improve the website’s appearance and attractive factor that easily grabs your customer’s attention. 

Increase Social Proof

Social proof is the psychological aspect of human beings that they are inspired by the actions of others and do the same thing as their peers are doing. It is a fact that people are not willing to take action or are confident enough especially when they also have to pay value for it. However, when people see their friends and other people are using anything, based on their experience and words, people easily take action for their business. Thus, displaying Google customer reviews and rating increases the social proof factor on your website and encourages your customers to take desired actions. 

Google Review Widget To Embed Google Reviews On Website

You can embed these powerful Google reviews on your website with the help of the Google review widget. This tool provides you with the features and functionalities related to your business using an embed code. You can also customize Google reviews to increase visibility and visual appeal. There are several Google review widgets available on the internet from many popular social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox Widget, Tagembed, EmbedSocial, Elfsight, and many more. You can use any of these to embed Google reviews on your website. 


Leverage the power of Google reviews on your website and combat the competitive world strategically. Google reviews enhance your business performance and increase customer engagement with your business. 

Nikita Anjum

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