Diagnose Refrigeration Problems Early To Avoid Deeper Effects

Are you familiar with the saying ‘the best protection is early detection? This principle applies in almost all aspects of our life. Whether it is for our health, safety, decision-making, financial stability, education, or business. To avoid severe effects we need to be vigilant in everything, especially your business. Yes, there are things that we can avoid if we can detect any possible problem in our business like our appliances, mainly electrical like Nova Chill double door fridges

The Difference Between Freezers and Refrigerators

For all food-related businesses, a refrigerator or freezer is a must appliance to have. What is the difference between the two? The only difference between them is the temperature. Freezers must be set to zero degrees Fahrenheit to keep the food safe to eat while refrigerators are set between 35 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

These two are mostly seen in all food-related businesses. They are a must appliance to own for your food business. When your business is away from home, checking the cooling system of your refrigerator is a practical action to take to avoid any damages. Sometimes there are problems that we are unaware of and neglect to take action. From time to time it is best to diagnose refrigeration problems to prevent severity.

The Most Common Refrigerator and Freezer Problems

If you are familiar with your appliances you can easily detect if there is a problem. For example, our refrigerator. Here are the basic problems that we might encounter with our refrigerator. Together with is the solution we can basically do.

  • The refrigerator is not cooling.

Solution: Check the temperature gauge, airflow, and overheating.

  • The refrigerator won’t turn on.

Solution: First check the outlet or breaker, if not try resetting the circuit board.

  • The Refrigerator is constantly running.

Solution: Check the door seals and defrost the freezer.

  • The refrigerator is leaking.

Solution: Clean the drain pan.

  • The refrigerator is not getting cold enough.

Solution: Check the seals of the door.

Those are only basic problems of a refrigerator. But there at=re cases of deeper troubles that need to be fixed, like failure to maintain pressure and compressor failure. These problems may cause you a great loss not only by damaging the foods stored in it but at the same time, it may lead to unnecessarily high energy usage. How to take corrective action for these problems? Understanding the refrigerators system will help you a lot.

The Different Types of Refrigeration Systems

The Condensers

The coil condenser of the refrigeration system removes heat from it. It is difficult to find condensers in enclosed spaces which inadequate airflow that remove heat from space. If the temperature rises it will result in a higher head pressure of a compressor that increases compressor power. To avoid this, the compressor must be placed in a well-ventilated area to controlled the temperature.

Checking and cleaning the condenser coil regularly will avoid any problem especially for walk-in freezers and refrigerators that are prone to dust and debris.

The Evaporators

Evaporators are the cooling coils in the freezer that help the air moisture freeze and form an insulating barrier to heat transfer. If the passages narrow due to ice buildup the airflow decreases. Ideally, water from freezers melted automatically because of the defrost cycle that evaporator coils have.

The most typical problem that most compressors suffer is when the evaporators are not maintained well which may lead to the blocking of ice over the evaporator. When such happen, the heat transfer is reduced and that may result in harder work for the compressor and requires more power to do so. If you observe a sudden increase in your bill then it might be one of the reasons.

The Refrigerated Space and Shell

In most freezers and refrigerators we often neglect the spaces and shells between. Though it doesn’t have mechanical parts it must not be neglected. Why? Because it can be a cause of leaks that cause extra moisture to accumulate at the same time there might be a loss of insulation or panels. Infiltration of air may increase the cooling load led to a bill increase.

Refrigerator doors must also be regularly inspected. Note the proper care of our appliances will save us a lot. We must be familiar of it so we can easily detect any problems at an early stage.


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