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What Makes Us Unique?

One of our best components that we pride ourselves as a company is that we tailor each program to best fit you as the client. Men, women, teenagers all have different bodies, different chemicals and neurons that all react differently to the diet and workout plans we put them through. Hence, when Denise reached out to us we knew exactly how to help her and her specifically. She came inquiring about weight loss and that after being a mom of 3 she wanted to gain her confidence back. 

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Training Denise

The best way to train Denise was to motivate her into achieving the body we knew she could obtain. Immediately we made sure her body and hormones were working correctly by collecting her blood work and submitting them through our hormone optimization program. When the results came in we created a plan based on her life. Her routine, the food she normally eats and the way she workouts all got taken into account. This is the most important part of working with our clients and the part that we believe needs to be molded depending on the client. Not everyone has the same job, or same lifestyle. If someone has a sedentary job, we need to make sure the workouts make up for that. Someone with a more active lifestyle would have a completely different workout plan. 

Denise’s workout plan include routines 3 times a week, one on one with the trainer that was closer to her area. We have trainers located in Boca Raton, Miami, Weston and more areas. The best part is that we travel to our client’s home or gym. If they don’t have a home gym we provide a gym close by to them that they can begin training. This makes it easier for both parties involved. 

Diet wise it is also really important to make sure that the clients are getting the necessary nutrition and calories their body requires. In order to make sure we are giving them a correct menu we ask for our clients dietary preferences. We make it easy for our clients to enjoy the food they eat, but also be aware of how they need to be healthy and make sure they are following the food plan. This is where the contact from our trainers comes in. We pride ourselves on treating our clients as family and being there for them when they have questions about any pain they might have after a workout, any food group they would like to remove or add to their diet, and any other fitness questions they might have. This open line of communication allowed Denise and her trainer to keep in contact and make sure she was keeping up with her meal plan. 

Working with Denise was a pleasure and as pictures speak louder than words, you can see her change was evident. Sometimes all is takes is the first small push for our clients to realize all they can achieve. For us it is incredible being a part of that process and seeing them become healthier and happier with the body of their dreams. 


KristineKristine LeBlanc is one of our Female personal trainers in Miami Beach at Austin Morell Training. She is incredibly trained and has shown great progress since she first arrived to Miami this year after the pandemic. Kristine services the area of Miami Beach and everything in a 10 mile radius. She specializes in training any type of injuries and through the help of our CEO Austin Morell, she has learned techniques to train online and in person.

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