Difference Between Automatic and Semi-automatic Washing Machines

Washing machines are becoming a necessity as days are passing by. One can save both effort and time and additional manpower that go into the washing of clothes with hands. Anyway, in present times, a smart consumer should know the difference between developing technologies and their pros and cons. After learning everything about the appliances you will be able to make an informed decision on what you should choose. You can either purchase or take a washing machine on rent.

Automatic VS semi-automatic washing machines

Semi-automatic washing machines generally contain two different tubs for washing and drying while automatic ones clean and dry in one tub itself.

Fully automatic:

  • You won’t require any extra manpower to supervise it and run it.
  • These washing machines are generally available as top load and front load.
  • Front-load washing machines you get an extra edge for stacking a dryer that gives you completely dry clothes and saves a lot of space. 
  • These generally clean against the wash drum and save a lot on water and energy consumption.
  • Unlike top load automatic washing machines, front load washing machines do not catch fibers or lint from clothes resulting in fabric damage. Front loads have different washing programs for sensitive fabrics.
  •  Fully automatic front load machines make very little or no noise and also occupy less space in your home. However, top load machines due to their design cannot stack a dryer. As space is one of the most important things, a compact-sized washing machine will make it worthwhile.


  • As per its name, this type of washing machine needs both technical features and human assistance to wash and dry laundry.
  • In semi-automatic machines, one needs to shift the clothes from the washing tub after they are clean to the drying tub.
  • You also have to manually fill the adequate water level prior to each wash cycle and then drain the water as well after the washing action is complete.
  • This is very time-consuming as well as physically tiring.
  • Semi-automatic machines do not have fabric-oriented custom or specific washing programs thus, there is a huge chance that your clothes might get damaged during the wash in the long run.
  • There will be days when you need to wash your clothes at a faster pace, if you are packing to leave in an urgent manner then carrying wet clothes will be cumbersome. In this case, fully automatic washing machines can come to your rescue as they will clean your laundry way faster compared to semi-automatic washing machines.
  • Semi-automatic machines require more water to wash the clothes and in this process, a lot of water gets wasted as well. Due to this long washing process, the semi-automatic washing machines consume way more energy and hence it causes a rise in the electricity bill.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines contain two tubs of larger size as compared to fully automatic ones thus they consume more house space.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines create a lot of noise throughout the cleaning process which can be highly annoying if you are close to them and trying to hear or talk to someone.


As a smart consumer now it is your decision which type of washing machine to choose. You can even find a washing machine on rent in Delhi.


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