Skateboard game OlliOlli World is the third edition

Skateboard game OlliOlli World is the third edition

Roll7’s side-scrolling platforming skateboard game OlliOlli World is the third edition in the OlliOlli series. In OlliOlli World, as the name indicates, these earlier entries are reworked and expanded upon. With all due respect to games like Skate and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, this one is a worthy competitor.

OlliOlli World, unlike other skateboarding games, integrates more fantastical elements and allows them to flourish. OlliOlli World’s prologue is filled with over-the-top skating jokes and vocabulary suiting the setting’s name: Radlandia. As if plucked straight from an episode of Adventure Time, the game’s visuals captivate players of all skill levels with their hand-drawn aesthetic.

“Skate Godz,” “Gnarvana,” and eventually becoming a “Skate Wizard” are some of the main goals of the OlliOlli World player in Radlandia. Players may make their own characters and customize everything about them, from their look to their height. Additionally, skateboarders may customize their boards, including their trucks and wheels, as well as their stances and other moves. In order to unlock additional customizability options and other gaming approaches, players must defeat the “Skate Godz” enemies.

Radlandia’s five distinct regions include the beach-like Sunset Valley, the forested Cloverbrook, the wastelands of Burnt Rock, the industrialized Sketchside, and the appropriately named Los Vulgas. New characters, such as the current Skate Wizard Mike, the presenter of the multiple chores per time, and an unnerving skater dubbed Dad, progressively expose any story components to the players who have completed the required number of runs in each zone.

By meeting and impressing each of the Skate Godz, the player can become the next Skate Wizard. The story isn’t particularly comprehensive, but it does a nice job of presenting this process. Beyond the standard side-scrolling levels, players may complete missions, compete against local heroes, and more. In general, the game contains a lot of additional content.

Some of this continues over to the levels of OlliOlli World, where there are a plethora of options and several ways to complete a task. Side missions may also be found on the overworld map, which adds a great deal of variety to the core gameplay. Despite the fact that an open-world RPG of this size would be expected to include more side quests, there are still plenty to keep you busy when you need it.

OlliOlli World gamers will almost certainly need a nap or two. When it comes to the gameplay of OlliOlli World, it is a perfect example of “easy to learn yet difficult to master.” When it comes to gaming, one face button is vital, whereas the rest of the buttons have little or no impact. Tense action occurs as players must flip and grip their sticks at the appropriate time and in the right place to complete their runs.

It’s up to players to flick or hold their stick at the right times to perform grinds, wall rides, and leaps in order to progress through each stage. Timing is essential in OlliOlli World, since a run that ends prematurely or late will necessitate a redo. When you’re focused on the sticks, it’s easy to forget about the proper way to handle and put them. However, grinding may be done in either direction, so long as you’re pressing down on the left stick. When players have to jump after them, holding up becomes a lot harder.

You have to learn how to use the right stick for grabs, a face button for landing on chairs and a dynamic, periodically shifting environment. As a result, OlliOlli World manages to be a simple game experience despite its stick-based action. After mastering these abilities, viewing stunning sights, experiencing exciting set pieces (such as beetles, frogs, and crystal floors), and listening to vibrant music in a side-scrolling game is an excellent way to unwind. OlliOlli World is one of the few games that successfully blends serene scenery with difficult hurdles.

However, the OlliOlli World experience may be ruined by a few gameplay issues. For example, checkpoints may be limited on certain levels while looking abundant in others. Generally, they’re acceptable, however a few checkpoints bring players too close to dangerous areas. As a result, skating through the zone may be more challenging, adding an additional level of difficulty to the equation.

Even though you’re warned to expect a fast-paced experience, it’s true. At times, it may be difficult to keep track of where the player is, making good timing even more challenging. Even while most stages appear to be driven by an exciting gameplay flow, it can get out of hand at times.

In OlliOlli World, players may relax, have fun, win the game in one weekend, and never have to deal with it again. Even if you’re just going to play for a few minutes at a time, this is a great game to play. OlliOlli World can satisfy players who are still looking for more.

Gnarvana allows players to construct “forever levels” with specified skill levels and environment features, all while striving for mastery. It’s also possible for them to establish “cool” settings for a more relaxing encounter. An asynchronous multiplayer league, in which participants compete against one other, is also available. This focuses on the more intensive aspects of the game, allowing players to have the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for an interesting and original skateboarding game that can compete with the likes of Skate, OlliOlli World is your best bet. No matter if you’ve already played an OlliOlli game or not, you should definitely buy this one.


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