How Do You Care For Your Brows After A Brow Lamination treatment?

Brow Lamination near Shelby Township

Eyebrows are the glitter on your face. The shape of the eyebrows and their definition reflects the beauty of your face. Since time immemorial, there is a tendency among humans to shape their eyebrows to look better. In fact, what we call threading today, is an age-old and probably one of the earliest developed beauty processes to look glamorous. The latest and improvised technical version of beautifying your eyebrows is popularly called Brow Lamination near Shelby Township. It is an advanced cosmetology treatment to make your brows look well defined, beautiful, and smooth. The best part of this treatment is that it is non-invasive and it makes the brow naturally beautiful. 

Brow Lamination – The Process

Brow lamination is a cosmetology process that involves a non-invasive treatment of the eyebrows to make them look straight. The target of the treatment is to lift the eyebrows and also give them a defined shape and naturally voluminous look. It is quite a new addition to the world of cosmetology but is a sensational buzz due to the amazing after-effects. Most social media influencers, actors, and models are opting for this treatment. 

In this process, the brows are pulled upwards and the straightening is done with the help of a chemical. It makes th brows look fuller, lifted, and defined. The process is usually of an hour’s duration and involves multiple steps as follows:

  • Cleaning the eyebrows with a chemical solution to make them free of any particulate contaminants
  • Apply the perming solution meant to soften the keratin of the brow hair
  • An osmotic foil is now applied over the cleaned and primed brows. It is left at rest for 10 minutes and then removed gently.
  • With the help of a Q tip, the fixing lotion is now applied on the brows and rigorously brushed in the direction that you want them to be in. again the brows are covered with osmotic foil and left at rest. When this osmotic foil is removed, the brows look naturally fuller and plump. At this stage, you can tint the eyebrows if you want. 
  • After the process is over, the extra hair is removed and the shape is retained through waxing or threading.
  • As a follow-up process, it is advised to apply nourishing oil to the eyebrows. This makes the brows look better and the effects of the brow lamination last longer

Caring for Eyebrows

Now that you have got your dream brows, it is time to care for them and keep them looking fantastic for a longer time. Let us have a quick look at the basic steps to care for your brows post a brow lamination treatment:

  • Just after the brow lamination treatment is over, your first task is to keep the brows absolutely dry for the first 24 hours. This is probably the most challenging and the most important task to care for a laminated brow. Some cosmetologists also suggest keeping them dry for 48 hours. 
  • Do not touch the brows. Actually, it is best if you do not touch them at all. It will transfer the contaminants from your fingers onto your laminated brows. Also, the oil from your fingers can clog the pores of the laminated brows which will just spoil the effect of the treatment. 
  • Do not apply facewash on the laminated brows. You cannot apply facewash on your brows. This will mess up the chemical that holds your laminated brows beautifully in place. When you apply face wash to clean your face, be extremely careful. It is even advised not to get the eyebrows wet at all. Your primary task is to keep them safe. 
  • No Exfoliating Products for at least 7 days. Our brows will be ultra-sensitive for a few days. So you cannot exfoliate the brows or the area in close proximity to the brows for at least 7 days after the treatment. The chemicals applied on the brows at various stages of lamination may gibe a slightly drying sensation eliciting your urge to scrub the area or at least apply a retinoid cream around it. But resist the urge for better outcomes. 
  • Do not forget to apply the nourishing oil. It is very important to apply nourishing oil to the brows. This will improve the texture and also make the brow lamination look better. The nourishing oil contains specially curated biochemicals for the betterment of the laminated brows.
  • Use the Eyebrow Brush. Usually, after a brow lamination treatment, the best clinics for brow lamination near Shelby Township will hand over to you an eyebrow shaping brush. Your task is to brush the eyebrows regularly twice a day in the direction of the lamination with nothing else but the designated eyebrow brush. This shall help retain the shape of the eyebrows. 

So, when are you getting your eyebrows laminated from the best centers for brow lamination near Shelby Township?