Offshore app development

Offshore app development is quickly being used by businesses for improved operational and business process management, resulting in a spike in prices for mobile application development frameworks. In the next few years, 73% of organizations are projected to invest in corporate mobility solutions, according to the survey. As a result, 84% of respondents believe that implementing mobile applications into their businesses has increased overall productivity.

Organizations take help of enterprise architecture consulting to not only automate and speed up company operations, but also to reinforce their brands for better interactions with workers, customers, and shareholders. As smartphone adoption continues to increase, enterprise apps that assist employees in performing their daily work tasks better will become more commonplace. Enterprise employees will have more options than ever for apps that will allow them to be more efficient and organized, as the enterprise app market is poised to become a $100 billion dollar annual revenue opportunity.

Here are some of the best enterprise mobile applications for you to use:

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a service that allows you to communicate with others.  It is a free, simple-to-use online and mobile application that allows consumers to chat, phone, and virtually hang out with one another. Google Hangouts works well across a variety of platforms, so you can simply carry on a conversation started on your phone on your desktop. Android and iOS users may use Google Hangouts.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service. Google Drive provides 15 GB of free online storage, which may also be used as a backup solution. You can view and share files from anywhere using the Google Drive app. It’s a basic yet effective app that works on both Android and iOS.

  1. Camscanner+

Camscanner+ is a $4.99 per month service that allows you to scan a range of documents and convert them to PDF or JPEG files. Advanced editing features include the capability to modify scanned documents as well as the option to add custom watermarks to files. Camscanner Plus is available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

  1. GadgetTrak

This security app is renowned for its ability to follow the position of a stolen smartphone and, if lost or stolen, to activate a loud alert from a remote location. Once tracking is enabled, it may wipe all data from your stolen smartphone, store and encode contact numbers and photographs in a secure data center, and prevent any changes to your device.

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  1. Skype for Business 

Skype for Business has all of the same popular features as the free Skype version, as well as additional business-oriented capabilities. Skype for Business allows you to contact and interact with up to 250 people for $5 per month. Any discussions you start will be encrypted and authenticated, adding an added layer of protection.

  1. Evernote

Use Evernote to save and organize everything, from casual ideas to notes from a work meeting, in one place to record what’s on your mind. Evernote syncs across all of your devices and makes it simple to find notes.

  1. 3rd Basecamp

Basecamp is a multi-user collaboration application that allows numerous people to collaborate on a project at the same time. With message boards and ‘campfires,’ Basecamp makes it easy to communicate with someone in real-time. Both iOS and Android versions of Basecamp are available.

  1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN provides a solution to stay secure digitally while using free, public WiFi. VyprVPN provides a fast, secure internet connection by encrypting your data, which helps protect you from hackers. Because of the encrypted information, it provides to your Internet service provider, VyprVPN can assist prevent throttling.

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