Everything You Need to Know About Screw Piers

Screw piers are long tubes that have a screwed head on its one head. This same head is screwed to the ground. On the other end, i.e., the top portion has a circular platform on which the structure stands or rests. Installing these screw piersare extremely easy to install and one can start building the rest of the structure immediately after it.

Before we move on to the benefits of screw piers, let us know something more about it.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Steel Piers?

Usually, the steel piers are made of steel. The reason behind using steel is that it holds the rest of the house in a strong and bold way, and they also do not get twisted or bucked with so much weight after being installed.

Where Are These Being Installed?

As these are easy to install and can be installed in any type of soil, it can be used in any time and any surface. Additionally, it also does not take much space. These are especially used in steel frame houses as it is easy to install.

What Are the Benefits of Screw Piers?

There are various potential advantages of using screw piers that engineers look for. The process is screwing it to the ground just the way screwing to some wood. Here we have listed some of the most common advantages that come with the screw piers. Those are listed below-

  • Fast installation

Screw piers are extremely easy to install which makes it the most common feature of screw piers. Moreover, no usage of special kinds of equipment is needed install it such as excavation machine or drilling machine. It enables the builders to response immediately while there is a shortage of time.

  • It can carry load immediately after the installation

It does not need any time to get harden or dry. Builders can start loading it with immediately after getting installed. This is a unique feature and very useful one. Especially when the time is short and the project needs immediate response, the screw pierscome very handy.

  • Can be installed in remote locations

It can easily be installed in places that are remote or have limited access are perfect for the crew pers. This type of piers does not need any fancy type of machine to be installed and need very small space to fit in.

  • Minimal disturbance involved

Contrary to other construction site activities, the screw piersinstallation stands different. These do not involve much noise or no noise at all. This mostly happens because it does not contain any soil cutting. Therefore, it also requires minimal to no clean up. This hassle-free nature is very useful for the constructions.

  • It can be installed in any kind of surface

Another unique and special feature of the screw piersare these can be installed in any kind of surfaces. No matter what the type of surface it is. These can be installed where the soil is hard or soft. Another example is sand. It can be installed in sands that have loose or tight granules as well.

  • No orientation limitation

Screw piersare designed to use in a vertical way; however, it is not limited to that. It can be used in horizontally as well where needed. This ease of orientation makes it even more useful.


We have tried to cover as much as possible in this article about the screw piers. Lastly, apart from all these features, the screw piers are fireproof and rot proof as well.

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