4 Reasons why linear TV Continues to be Popular


What if you’re wondering, “Why do I still need to promote on television?” TV allows every business to be seen and heard by combining the power of sound, picture, and movement. No other advertising method can reach 99 percent of all households and target a specific category of people based on their viewing habits. A lot of people could be interested in your product. Investing in a linear tv campaign has numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

A New Era of Television Is Emerging

The television is no longer confined to a room in your home. It has a lot of information. Furthermore, it’s accessible from anywhere, on any device. More than 39 hours a week are spent watching television, and another 21 hours are spent watching video on smartphones, tablets, and computers. From a device-agnostic perspective, we can begin to understand why it is still important to blend linear and digital content in order to reach a mass audience.

As a result of the Accenture study, “multiplatform television” can have a “measurable, long-term impact on driving additional sales,” but in integrated campaigns, it has a “substantial halo effect” on digital channels like display, search, and short-form video advertising. In fact, Multiplatform TV accounted for 18% of the ROI generally assigned by marketers to those three channels. After all of this, the Advertising Research Foundation discovered a 60 percent increase in ROI for firms who combine TV and digital advertising campaigns, while advertising on additional channels yields a more significant return on investment.

Preserving adolescent life

It was thought that the proliferation of digital platforms, from games consoles to iPods, would deter young people from watching television.

Over the next five years, overall viewing time among 16 to 34-year-olds is expected to continue to fall, but at a slower rate, than other age groups. In spite of this, mass abandonment has been halted.

There has been an increase in the amount of time spent on other media among young adults, but not necessarily at the price of the television. TV shows are, in fact, the most frequently discussed topic on Facebook.

The value of a person’s reputation in the

Sporting events have long been the most effective means of attracting large crowds; television and speakers have long been the finest medium for delivering them. On the other hand, broadcasters have made a concerted effort to use this shared experience to combat the threat of time dilation.

Your company’s brand will flourish thanks to linear television

The advertising medium that changed everything was TV. Brands are created, built, and grown due to television advertising. It is more effective than a sponsored post or a search result to increase brand recognition through television advertising. For a wide audience, linear TV is essential.

Several recent studies demonstrate that television is the most effective medium for both short-term and long-term marketing tactics, and they caution companies against abandoning old media in favour of new ones.

·         TV generates the most short- and medium-term sales. Because of this, it is the most effective medium for promoting products through mass media

·         There is no other medium that can match the cost-effective response that television advertising generates even at increasing levels of spending. This is due to the reach and scope of television advertising.

·         In terms of long-term response, television advertising is king. TV has a long-term influence of 52% on all media responses, with half occurring 3-24 months after the campaign has ended.

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