Genuine Bavarian Lederhosen | How To Spot The Fake


German tradition has it that the Bavarian Lederhosen were first worn by hunters in the 18th century. When King Ludwig II wished to modernize Germany, he declared that he wanted his subjects to take pride in their heritage. He, therefore, made the Lederhosen a symbol of German nationalism.

It wasn’t until the Rococo period that wealthy people began to wear a fancier version of Lederhosen, imitating the common people. However, even then, Lederhosen remained popular in Bavaria. The clothing’s soul and spirit have not changed over time; it remains a classic Bavarian vesture.

That’s why everybody at Oktoberfest wears Lederhosen; short leather pants. Not only is it a way to show respect and appreciation of Bavarian culture, but they also look smart. 

So how can you tell whether the Lederhosen you just bought is genuine Bavarian Lederhosen? Just look for specific signs that will show if they’re genuine or not.

Genuine Leather for Lederhosen 

The best way to tell if the lederhosen is authentic is by the quality of leather used to make them. The better the quality, the more expensive they are.  Deer and cow leather are considered the best, but goat leather is of lesser quality. Run your hands over the garment to test if Lederhosen is made from genuine leather. If you feel bumps or irregularities, it’s real.

For example, the surface of genuine leather will always have imperfections known as “pebbles”. This is because leather comes from the skin of animals and each animal’s skin texture is unique. Another way to check the originality of the lederhosen is by water test identification. 

Water Test Identification

Next, you might try to see if the leather absorbs any water. If it does, then you can be sure it is real leather because real leather always absorbs some moisture. Machine-made leather doesn’t have the ability to absorb moisture, so it wouldn’t soak up any water.

If you’re looking for Lederhosen, buy the ones that pass these tests because they are made from genuine leather. You can get it from Oktoberfest Wear; they have fine quality lederhosen and all Oktoberfest costumes. Another way to spot the authenticity of leather is its Traditional Bavarian embroidery; not everyone can copy this embroidery style. 

Authentic Bavarian Embroidery Style

Bavarian Lederhosen, made from genuine leather, has distinct and intricate embroidery patterns. These distinguish authentic Lederhosen as a feature of traditional Bavarian garb since the 18th century when locals and noblemen wore them as part of their everyday attire.

In the early days of Oktoberfest, people were identified by the embroidery on their Lederhosen. A specific pattern of embroidery represented a specific region from which the wearer came.

Traditional costumes have always been associated with a sense of history. From the plethora of traditional costumes around the world, folklore has preserved these as a symbol of identity and an expression of culture. Today, these costumes are still worn in many regions as a celebration of tradition and national identity. 

When you shop for lederhosen online, make sure to check out the Oktoberfest Wear. The store offers a wide selection of authentic lederhosen embroidered with traditional designs. You must check its lederhosen for sale collection as its quality and embroidery impresses everyone.

Lederhosen Dress Colors 

Lederhosen are often brown, tan, gray, or black because the leather used to make Lederhosen comes from animals, and the natural hue of animal hide is brown or tan. Children’s lederhosen may have bright colors, but the colors of adult lederhosen are brown or black. 

Apart from wearing genuine lederhosen, there are some other essential things that are necessary while planning a getup like the locals. These essentials include lederhosen accessories which also play an integral role while dressing up in a Bavarian way. 

Lederhosen Accessories 

Finally, authentic German Lederhosen must be worn with the right mix of accessories to complete the look. These accessories include Lederhosen socks and shoes made of suede leather.

Accessories not only add a special touch of class to your outfit, but they are also essential in keeping it looking sharp.

Wearing sporty shoes such as sneakers or flip-flops is considered inappropriate in some regions of Germany. Most people would prefer to wear traditional shoes such as leather brogues and ballerinas by Italian brands. You can choose colors that match your outfit for a more authentic look. 

In short, the Lederhosen history is long and storied and is still alive and well in both Germany and America. But it isn’t just for Bavarians anymore. Anyone can wear Lederhosen today, whether they’re celebrating German culture or their own roots.

Moreover, our research brought us to discover that lederhosen is not just one type of garment but rather a whole range of garments that share similar characteristics. They can be made out of leather or cotton material. There are lederhosen designed with short legs, long legs, and even shorts! 

To be an authentic Lederhosen, it must satisfy the above-given conditions. The next time you wear or buy them for Oktoberfest or any other Bavarian event, make sure you consider these factors.

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