TikTok Algorithm: 7 Tactics To Level Up Your Game

Tiktok algorithm

TikTok Algorithm in depth is more about optimizing contents that appear on the ‘For you page’ of TikTok. It is a complex system designed to deliver the contents of high interest to the audience. First, the algorithm strategy ranks videos based on factors like the user’s interest when they are new to the app. Later, it also optimizes the content based on the change of interests. In pace with understanding the algorithm, marketers should get to know about the tiktok views counter to track your real-time counts.

The attractive factor in TikTok is that it prioritizes your likelihood on the ‘For you page.’ Are you curious to know how to be progressive with the TikTok algorithm? This article tells you the useful hacks to develop your TikTok strategies with the algorithms. 

Let’s get started! 

TikTok Algorithm Functioning

Everyone may have a question: What is the TikTok algorithm’s system? Until now, the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm may seem a mystery to you. But in a recent press release, TikTok has shared that the recommendations of content depend on three following significant factors, 

  • The user interactions such as video likes, shares, following of a profile, and content creation.
  • Video information like the captions, hashtags you like and use in your video and sounds you save and use, etc.,
  • The language preference, your residing location, and device type that you feed in your account. 

7 Hacks On TikTok Algorithm 2022

Do Hashtag Research

Try to use the generic hashtags that get directly into people’s minds. With the hashtags, TikTok will categorize your content and make it easy for your target audience to find it. The hashtag works as a keyword and signals to the TikTok algorithm what your content is all about. So go with the trending hashtag to crack the algorithm.

Keep The Focus On Niche

The more consistent you post your videos related to your niche, the more the TikTok algorithm will recognize and begin to deliver your content to the right audience. Think about topics associated with your niche audience to acquire their loyalty. Give the algorithm whatever it wants to categorize your content. Always glance at the metrics using the tiktok likes counter by submitting your profile.

Connect With Your Audience Early

The GenZ and millennials have sudden tweaks in their preferences on TikTok content. The hook is to magnetize viewers to stop scrolling down from your videos. Keep up your video value high and make them inspired by your content within 3 seconds. It’s high time marketers need to improvise their strategies on users’ attractive content to grab the viewers’ attention.  

Experiment With New TikTok Features

A thoughtful way to hack the algorithm is to create the same video that appears on your ‘For you page.’ It is because the algorithm prioritizes the trending videos and sounds. At the same time, try to explore and experiment with brand-new features. It is unknown that the algorithm may work in a way that makes a brand new video go viral because of other factors like hashtags, captions, etc., So do not narrow down your experiments. Even you may suddenly become a  star TikToker by trying on new features. Don’t hesitate to try even the new filters, sounds, etc., 

Create Accessible Content

Another incredible tip is to focus on generating more accessible content for the audience. It depends on your niche, video content, and type of audience. The simplest way to make your content longer to watch is to include on-screen text and captions. The more approachable the video, the more the viewers and engagement with your content. 

Connect With Other Content Creators 

Connecting with other users on TikTok is another critical indicator of the TikTok algorithm. For example, keeping track of comments for your own videos, duets, and stitches helps you understand the TikTok algorithm. Similarly, replying to comments or answering questions make a way to start the communication with your audience and, in turn, boost engagement. 

Strategize The Best Time To Post Your Content

Although the TikTok algorithm functions with various factors, it is still worth considering posting at the right time. There is no specific universal timeframe to post a video on TikTok. However, the common belief is that the best time to post is when your users are more active and online. The right time to post is one such underrated algorithm that marketers need to know and implement in TikTok. You can also check your creator or business account metrics with tiktokcounter, a safe and secure app for instant analytics. 


It’s no big deal to get good learning about the TikTok algorithm. So, with a gradual understanding of the TikTok algorithm, you may fine-tune your strategy and improvise your success chances. The algorithm will work wonders if you optimize your content and build a robust online presence. Level up your TikTok with a strategic plan!