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Affordable car insurance with suspended license could be hard to get as certain legal procedures are involved in such cases. However, for preventing lapse in coverage, it is important that you consult an expert for following the correct course of action. It will help save money and allow you to drive car legally on road. 

It is possible to get car insurance with suspended license but whether you are legally allowed to drive with your driver’s license under suspension remains a question that needs an answer. When your driver’s license is suspended, it is most likely that your existing insurer will cancel your coverage or may deny its renewal. Even if you don’t intimate your insurer that your license is under suspension, the company will come to know about it at the time of renewal when your motor vehicle report will be pulled. So, with your driver’s license under suspension, you may have to look for alternatives to prevent coverage lapse. And one way to do it is to list someone else with a good driving record as a primary driver on your policy. But the person’s name must appear on the car title.

Cheap car insurance for suspended license is hard to get but still you will need to get your vehicle insured due to the following reasons.

1.  Your car may be used by other household drivers listed on the policy.

2. You have to maintain continuity of coverage at any cost or else pay a high price later on.

3. Even if you decide not to drive your car but instead store it in a garage, it will need insurance for protection against damages caused by theft, fire, vandalism, hail, storm, etc. or any other reason. 

States issue hardship license for certain unique situations to drivers that have been convicted for DUI or DWI offenses leading to suspension of driver’s license. Until such time, you get your license reinstated; you can buy temporary or short term car coverage.

In any case, if you have a record of a recent car accident with suspended license then you may have to engage the services of a qualified and experienced attorney. Due legal process will have to be followed post an accident and only competent lawyers are aware of the exact type of paperwork that is needed to be prepared and submitted. Remember, many states require drivers with DUI/DWI convictions to file for SR-22 certification for initiating the process of license reinstatement. The task can be strenuous and if you don’t have any knowledge of the procedure, a lot of time will be consumed in getting your driver’s license reinstated. A better idea is to seek help from a reliable and reputed national auto insurance services website such as  

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