How You Can Improve Your Bath Time

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Are you feeling stressed, angry, tired, and tense? Get a bath! According to research, people who often soak in a bathtub are less stressed and depressed. 

Besides, bathing in a tub frequently can take away anger. That’s why most people look forward to the 20-30 minutes of soaking in a bathtub every day after long hours at work.

Generally, soaking in a bathtub is relaxing. And this isn’t just for the benefits of your mental health but also your body. Better still, there are ways you can improve this whole experience. You’ll be grateful later! 

Here we go.

1. Listening to Your Favorite Music While Soaking in the Bathtub

What’s your favorite music genre?

Among the best moments of listening to music is in a bathtub. This is because that’s the moment you are calm and fully devoted to pampering your body.

Listening to music in the bathtub lets you relax and free your mind from distractions. Moreover, you can quickly put away your current problems as you enjoy the tune and words of the song. 

If you have a tiny bathroom, worry not. You can still get one of the small clawfoot tubs for sale available online.

Even better, a combination of music and hot water generates positive energy that enters your spirit and body.

So, your immune system strengthens whether you listen, hum, or sing your favorite music. Additionally, when you stretch out in the tub enjoying the music, the brain creates and releases happy hormones, known as endorphins.

While you might enjoy hard rock or hip hop, it would be best to try soft music. Soft and slow music while soaking in a bathtub will enhance the full effect of the bath.

So, get yourself a nice bathtub and turn on your favorite playlist.

2. Watching TV in the Calmness of Bathtub Soaking

Because of the busy lifestyles, you may fail to indulge in life’s simple pleasures. People can miss catching up on their favorite TV shows, latest movies, or just laughing out at a famous comedy. Undoubtedly, entertainment is therapeutic, and people need to have it frequently despite their busy schedules.

Conversely, lack of time could be why manufacturers create modern and convenient entertainment systems. So you can now install a TV in any room, including the bathroom. This way, despite how busy you are, you can watch TV and enjoy your favorite show from any room.

Therefore, many people install televisions in their bathrooms to enjoy a new experience of relaxation, entertainment, and bathing. While the TV distracts your thoughts from other things, soaking in the bathtub will help relax your mind and body. 

Indeed, you can’t watch the television comfortably in the shower while standing. Instead, go for the bathtubs with showers. That way, you can enjoy your bath and entertainment better.

A television in the bathroom is also essential since it allows people to enjoy quiet personal moments.

Undeniably, a TV and bathtub in the bathroom add more functionality to the room. Thus, the bathroom will have a different view from the ordinary shower time. As a result, it becomes more fun and relaxing.

3. Meditation Amidst the Relaxing in a Hot Bath

Image source: Pixabay

During quarantine, many people have been around family. Some have been feeling stressed and pressed about the sad and scary reality of the pandemic. 

At such times, meditation can be a perfect way to calm, comfort, and center your thoughts. But, it can be hard to find a quiet space for meditation.

However, all is not lost. There’s one private and relaxing spot that’s excellent in providing you with the meditation environment—a bathtub!

A bath time in the tub brings together the regular benefits of meditation with the gains of a relaxing, hot bath. Unlike showering, a hot bath relieves tired and sore muscles, offers a calming ambiance, and enables an escape moment from stress. 

Having a bathtub will also allow you to practice frequent meditation during your evening bath times in your modern bathtub. Still, you can decide to bathe before you meditate. However, this is not as important. 

Usually, the act of soaking in a bathtub is very symbolic. It’s a cleansing ritual that leaves you feeling clean and fresh. This impacts your mood and your mindset positively in preparation for your meditation.

Moreover, meditation in the bathtub allows you to engage all your senses. You can only engage your senses when you relax. Sometimes, this may take a while, and standing in the shower can be tiresome. Ultimately, engaging all the senses successfully is perfect for meditation.

4. Sipping Your Best Drink as You Unwind in the Tub

How else are you going to enjoy your glass of wine in the bathroom if not in the bathtub?

The only risky thing about drinking wine in a bathtub is the likelihood of falling and breaking the glass in the tub. Because it’s almost impossible to see broken glass in water, it’s likely to cut you while you bathe or get out of the tub. 

So, don’t overdo the drinking wine. There are health risks related to excess drinking of alcohol in hot water. Such include dehydration, blood pressure, and even drowning.

Ultimately, a glass of preferably sweet wine in the tub won’t hurt anybody. The bathtub is a perfect environment to help you establish the most romantic or self-love setting. 

The good thing is that you can place your glass of wine on the edges of the tub. Thus, you get comfortable as you soak in hot water and alternate your sips.

Key Takeaways

We strongly believe that bath times in your clawfoot tubs with showers should be great. Besides, if you’re going to pamper yourself in a bath, ensure you do it right and enjoy it!

However, most people don’t like their bathtubs. Fortunately, no more asking “BUT WHY”? The above ways are how bathtubs can help you make bath time fun. Always make every minute count. 

Go ahead, soak yourself and enjoy every moment!