Girls Scholarships: Helping you achieve your career goals

Girls have the power to transform societies, countries, and the entire world. It is rightly said that supporting girls’ education helps strengthen families and economies. When girls’ education is funded, women’s lifetime earnings increase dramatically, the national growth rate increases, the child mortality rate decreases, the child marriage rate decreases, maternal mortality rates decline, and even child stunting drops.

Not just that, an educated mother is more likely to invest in her children’s education and well-being. This means an educated woman builds a more prosperous and equitable society. This is why many organizations are providing girls scholarships to socio-economically disadvantaged girls.

There’s no denying that girls provided with the right equipment, tutoring, and money for resources, are likely to finish their high school education with excellent grades and undertake further studies after schooling. When equipped with an opportunity, girls don’t lag behind boys in professional or academics. In short, scholarships for girls are meant to encourage better education and career opportunities for girls who are unable to match their male counterparts on different socio-economic parameters.

What is the need for girls scholarships today?

The educational cost has increased a lot more than it used to be

There has been a substantial increase in the cost of school, college, and university fees in the past few years. Every year, there has been a 5% increase in tuition fees. Therefore, it is highly advantageous for disadvantaged female students to enrol in fully funded programs and provide comprehensive support while keeping the financial stress off their heads. This is the number one reason for an increased demand for scholarships worldwide.          

The economy stinks, and your parents don’t have enough money.

While parents still value their children’s education, the amount of money they can afford has declined. The number of families contributing less than $5000 to their girl’s college education is barely enough to buy four years’ textbooks. A scholarship program that bears the cost of everything from laptops to books coaching fees is a boon for families and students.      

The primary living expenses are up.

The food and travel costs have built up slowly in the past decade. Hence, it makes it more difficult for students to deal with it and the tuition fee. Receiving a scholarship program that takes care of all these expenses is highly advantageous for girls as it takes the financial burden off the head of girls and their parents.

The student loan rate is shooting up.

Many urban families are engaged in mortgages and loans to contribute to their children’s education. The loan rate in banks is getting higher and higher, making students and families unable to focus on their studies. If you opt for a scholarship program, you do not have to take the burden of loans.

Opting for girls scholarships takes away all your financial concerns, giving you more time to study, secure better grades, and gain more knowledge. You will have ample time to look for opportunities for your skill development and knowledge enhancement and improve your overall performance.

Besides this, earning a scholarship is prestigious. Since you get a scholarship on merit, getting one will leave a good impression on your future employers. You can even mention the scholarships on your resume as an accomplishment; this will help you stand out from the crowd.