Here are the documents you need for CDSCO Registration in India

CDSCO Registration allows you to import drugs, medical equipment and cosmetics in India for the purpose of selling them. Because the purpose of the import is to sell, CDSCO has placed some strict rules when it comes to issuing the registration.

Right documents are part of those strict requirements. In this article, we are giving you the list of those documents and their significance so that you don’t have any issues when you decide to obtain the CDSCO license in India.

Cover Letter

When the CDSCO receives your application, the cover letter is the first document it notices. In this letter, you have to weave words – formally – to convince the authority to grant you the CDSCO registration certificate. The cover letter should contain

  1. Your name
  2. The name of your company who is the applicant
  3. The name of the AIR
  4. The name of the cosmetic product or products
  5. The country from which you’re importing it
  6. Why you seek the license?
  7. Why should CDSCO consider your application?

Be meticulous when providing the above mentioned detail. You’ll be successful in making the CDSCO willing to go through the rest of the documents.

Power of Attorney

With a power of attorney you authorize the authorized Indian Representative to sign the application form – giving him or her the control of the CDSCO registration procedure. Simply put, the POA assigns an AIR as your legal representatives in matters concerned with CDSCO approval.


You must undertake that all the information you’re providing in the application form, along with the documents you’ve attached to it, are accurate and within the regulations of CDSCO.

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Ingredient list

A document that contains a list of ingredients present in the cosmetic. It should also contain:

  1. The concentration of each ingredient
  2. Toxicity levels of the ingredients
  3. If some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, it should be highlighted with an appropriate symbol.

Product labels

The labels of the products must include the following details:

  1. Name of the product
  2. Details of the product’s manufacturer
  3. If there is a special license required for the product’s production, provide the number of the same.

Product specification

Complete specification of the cosmetics

Test reports

Testing method implemented to assess the effectiveness, toxicity and side effects of the product, and the associated test reports.

Free sale certificate

Proof that the authority of the country in which the product is made has allowed the product to be sold in other nations.


Three declarations are required for:

  1. No animal testing
  2. No harmful chemicals
  3. No Hexachlorophene content


Once you have the above documents, the CDSCO accepts your application without any issue. However, during the application’s processing, it might ask you to provide other documents.

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Here are all the documents you need for CDSCO registration in India. If you have more queries about CDSCO approval, just contact Registrationwala. They will help you in matters of CDSCO license.