Why an ISP License is better than a VNO license in India

If you’re an internet service provider, choosing between an ISP license and a VNO registration is the most important decision you’d ever make. We are going to help you make that decision easily.

And you should choose the ISP License. Here’s why.

ISP License is more accessible than a VNO License

We are not talking about the cost here. Yes, it’s true that an ISP License is more expensive than a VNo License. However, at the end of the day, it’s still more accessible. As a traditional internet service providing license, it’s not something that would require a lot of explanation. People don’t care where there internet services are coming from, but they care about a simple understanding of an ISP. In that sense, an ISP is far more accessible than VNO.

An ISP License is a lot more expansive

If you’re looking to franchisee your business, your best idea is to start an ISP. A Virtual Network ISP won’t allow you to franchise your business. If it’s expansion you seek, you must go seek the answer to how to get ISP License in India.

The terms of an ISP License agreement are more long lasting

An ISP License agreement, once signed, holds validity for 20 years. During this time, if there are any changes in the policy, the validity wont’ be affected. The only factor that can have an impact on the validity of your license is your performance. If you don’t perform as per the requirements of the performance guarantee, your ISP license can be cut short.

Performance BG is one of the major ISP License documents that you need to submit after obtaining the letter of intent.

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An ISP license provides you a more consolidated way to provide internet services

As a traditional internet service provider, when you sought the answer to how to get internet service provider license in India,you realized that you’d be able to do the following:

  1. Providing elite internet services
  2. Implement your own hardware
  3. Turn yourself into a brand even though you’re merely reselling the internet services

In other words, you choose ISP License if you’re in it for the long haul. You not only want to provide internet services and earn profits, you also want a name for yourself. You, in any case, want to go at the same level as Airtel and Jio – the biggest TSPs in India.

More control over the up time

Being an brand means being able to satisfy your customers with uninterrupted internet access. As an ISP, the only thing you buy from another TSP is the bandwidth. The rest of the services and resources – the wires, the network and the gateways – it’s you who has the control over all of them. Thus, if you’re able to resolve network issues quickly on your own terms, your customers won’t have to suffer from internet downtime.


The fee of getting the ISP license might be more, but so are the perks. So, make your choice. Do you want to go with the cheaper route of a VNO license, or do you want to make a mark on the world with the ISP License.

Why an ISP License is better than a VNO license? There are several reasons for it. Know all of them through this blog and for anything about ISP license, contact Registrationwala.