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Hemp Seeds

The disinformation that has been circulating for a long time. It’s time to clarify the distinctions in hemp and CBD one and for all.

Hemp seeds are a great option to produce two major reasons:

  1. Hemp (for CBD)
  2. Industrial hemp (for fibers and hurds)

Both plants are subject to totally different cultivation process, as well as distribution methods. The reason behind the difference throughout the supply chain, from farming to distribution CBD in industrial hemp all comes to a single factor: use cases.

Sex of the Seeds

High CBD Hemp Seeds are feminine. The feminine seeds produces a flower with the potential to produce CBD that is high CBD.

The industrial hemp seed is males. They can be utilized to increase the size of the growth of the plant or the seeds.

The Cost for Seeds

CBD seeds are costly because they produce a large value per an acre.

The industrial hemp seed is affordable because they offer a higher traditional value of output per an acre.

There’s a lot confusion over “hemp seeds” in general. All hemp proteins as well as hemp oils and hemp-related consumables are made with seeds of industrial hemp. They are loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. CBD seeds are not eaten but are planted in the ground so that they will blossom into huge gorgeous flowers.

After we’ve learned something about seeds, let’s move in examining the difference among those who supply the CBD Industrial hemp and hemp-based supply chains.

The Perfect Square Acre

A perfect acres of CBD comprises 40 plant by 40, which is 1600 plants per an acre. Because the big flowers require enough space for growth and spread, they grow as Christmas trees, which are 6 feetapart from each their neighbors. CBD plants should be separated from the social world in all times. CBD may also grow indoors as THC.

An ideal industrial hemp acre is 300,000 to 400,000 plants. The plants are cultivated as “weeds” over one another (much as bamboo).

Labor of Love / Hate

CBD is among the most labor-intensive plants around the globe. The process of growing (like THC) requires constant surveillance and manicuring.

Industrial hemp blooms during summer in 70-90 day cycles. It requires sunshine, water and some fertilizer, based on the type of soil.

The differences in the amount of work needed to cultivate CBD as opposed to industrial hemp is massive.

In the last few years, the phrase “industrial hemp” has been used in CBD companies in the CBD industry to distinguish itself from cannabis. Following the passage in 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and CBD, the CBD companies inundated the market, and labeled their products by the name of “industrial hemp.”

These CBD firms promised farmers $50,000-$100,000 per acres. It was a fairytale for farmers who were earning $200, $400, or $600 per an acre.

Farmers were not provided with the correct equipment, and many became bankrupt due to it.

It has made many within the farming community dissatisfied by “hemp”. If one farmer hasn’t cultivated “hemp” or knows one who has, and it has left bad taste in their mouths.

The issue is that the hemp that farmers are thinking about is CBD which is but not hemp that is industrial. This is aspect of the ongoing training on industrial hemp and separating from the two.

Industrial hemp, however it is grown and harvested quite quickly. Similar to wheat farming, the crop is chopped to pieces and then secured with a the traditional combine.

The equipment that is in farms which have grown crops like sorghum, wheat and corn as well as a host of other agricultural products are similar to those that are used to cultivate industrial hemp.

We’ll move on to process.

Processing Types

CBD extraction is done by with solvents such as CO2, butane and alcohol. They remove the oil from the flower and then refining that oil (all through from the beginning to the separation of powders).

It is processed to break it into distinct components which are the fibers and the hurds. It is processed using a scalable mechanical method. (as contrasted to the chemical process).

The chemicals that are used for CBD processing are costly and could be dangerous. There aren’t many instances of other forms of extraction methods which are more sustainable.

The industrial hemp process is scaleable and is much more eco green. Heartland’s largest plant located in Detroit, Michigan will process 60,000 pounds per hour (500,000,000 pounds annually).

We’re getting an understanding of how processing and farming are vastly different in the case of CBD Industrial hemp. This allows us to to educate the public on the vast distinctions.

Other Distribution

CBD is extremely difficult to ship because it smells and appears exactly similar to THC. Transporters should have the appropriate documents to verify the content that comprise the CBD (regardless whether it’s the form of oil, flower, solid and liquid forms).

Industrial hemp appears and smells like an hay bale. It is a fiber or grain that is easy to transport and is able to cross international borders.

Impact Across Industry

CBD can be beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry due to its wide-ranging use as an anti-inflammatory and anxiety remedy.

Industrial Hemp seeds can positively impact nutrition since they are rich in proteins, vitamin and minerals. They also require very little water for growth.

It is important to comprehend the wide range of possibilities that hemp can bring to the industry of manufacturing. When people are able to appreciate the distinctions, the world will start to embrace hemp as a substance for transport, construction and clothing.

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