How Asana Integrations With Your ERP Can Elevate Your Hybrid Work Model

The age of information has changed the way the world used to operate and the work being done, especially for employees. Now companies whether in the public sector or private sector are looking for ways to get reliable solutions to get employees on board and ensure employee retention, in the time of COVID. And the best solution found so far is hybrid work culture. It aims to ease the concern of employees who don’t want to return to the on-site premises at the moment and looking for a flexible working environment. In this quest, the Asana project management and Asana integrations with Odoo and, along with the third-party application can help you get the solution you are seeking.

Here in this article, you will find two things, first, how Asana integration with the third-party application can enhance your business model, and the benefits it offers to small and medium-sized companies or large scale enterprises.

4 Asana Integrations That Magnify Third-Party Integrated Solution

Jira Integration: Asana and Jira both are the best project management solution that simplifies the SaaS product development process. However, unlike Jira, Asana empowers the user with the ability to create unique workflows, create customized rules with unique ifs & then rules to manage the process. This takes the automation to the micro-level, and help save time on recurring task and approval process on the part of employees. Integration: If you are developing a SaaS solution then you must be familiar with It is a complete suite that empowers the project manager and administrative staff in keeping things organized. Unlike this, once integrated with Asana, its interface has been updated and shows the plan with detailed information, where everyone can make changes to further customize the interface.

Smartsheet & Basecamp Integration with Asana:  It aims to go beyond then listing tasks. It helps in creating a well-organized calendar of activities,  projects, and helps everyone in taking an informed decision based on the statistics.

Benefits Offered By Asana Integrations

Some of the essential benefits of using Asana include campaign management. It allows you to choose the template, set the campaign phase and priority. Along with this, you can also add the creative element as needed or required on the basis of the digital marketing campaign, e.g., designing, content calendar, campaign optimization, special visual creation, and so on. On top of this, you can automate the whole process to quicken the approval process for everything that you need your teammate to consult on. Moreover, you can monitor multiple campaigns in a single platform, and manage deadlines with the help of a timeline and Kanban view.

In addition to the campaign management, Asana empowers the marketing team in keeping an agile and updated calendar. It offers complete control over the content calendar, and even empowers the teams at the micro-level to make amendments to the plan without affecting the general view. This means, your team can view everything they are assigned to from My Task, collaborate with the remote team by using the update.

Furthermore, Asana is recognized as one of the best remote work solutions that come with a lot of tools and one of the best is, it allows the team managers in managing the efficiency of their team, along with new requests and take informative actions based on the metrics. On top of this, Asana offers comprehensive Data Security, that makes remort work and collaboration easier for the employee and the management by allowing the role and team restrictions.

Lastly, Asana offers a complete product launch support, where businesses management can create a sprint, design, and iteration process, divide tasks into milestones and view every single detail by changing the interface i.e. timeline, Kanban, projects, and so on.


When it comes to remote work, the most important thing that companies need from a system is security, data privacy, flexibility, and the ability to ensure inter-departmental collaboration. In this quest, you will find multiple tools such as, Odoo, and Zoho, etc. However, a recent update issued by Asana and Asana CRM Integrations flexibility with third-party ensures things are kept organized. Moreover, you will find dozens of Asana Consultants at Techloyce to get systems customized to match your business needs.

Ombir Sharma

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