10+ Christmas Video Concepts for Your Business

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The end of the year is not complete without a joyful Christmas celebration. It has long been valued across the globe and opens up many business opportunities. With festive vibes all around, the business has a fantastic opportunity to expand its user base. Whether your company is rolling downhill or doing well, Christmas video marketing can increase the amount of sales significantly. What’s the secret? With these Christmas video ideas, you can fire up your business in the world of marketing and let your worries go.

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10 Outstanding Christmas Video Ideas


1. Christmas Sale Promotion

Businesses in this day and age pursue firm strategies to gain a good number of clients. With their incredible discounts and offers, they take their promotion to the next level. Christmas means a high level of competition. Your business needs to be on the edge, so you need to play your cards right. The best way to capture the attention of your target audience is to create a good video featuring discounts and offers.

2. Christmas Gift Ideas Video


The Christmas season is characterized by people buying gifts for their family and friends. As a result, people are on the lookout for some creativity, cool and affordable Christmas gift ideas, especially in this world of DIY and creative gifts. Also, solve their little problems so you can build a loyal customer base. The best way to accomplish this would be by creating a crisp video that shows innovative hacks and gifts. In this way, your venture will be made mushy in a fun manner!

3. Christmas thank you card

You want to thank your loyal customers for their everlasting loyalty by editing a Christmas video that will convey your heartfelt appreciation for their continued interest in your business. Make them feel that they are indispensable to your success. Give your patrons a big thumbs-up for putting their trust in your business with a video featuring swaying templates and an attractive background.

4. Show your generosity

Every company, venture, or corporation has a social or moral responsibility for putting in its effort to succeed. Charity stands for the gesture that you make to make a little contribution to society. Your video should not only move your audience, but show the generous side of your customers as well. If you can, work with an NGO, donate both in kind and in cash this Christmas.

5. Christmas Greeting Video

It’s the holiday season where one celebrates, cherishes with the people he cares about. Create a video expressing your wishes to your loyal customers. Wish them a Merry Christmas. Just use vibrant, festive colors, balloons and party poppers as backgrounds to make it an appealing video with a good vibe. Channelize the videos to all the platforms you are active on.

6. Christmas Countdown Video

Let your social bees take part in the year’s ending celebrations with heartfelt pictures, plans, resolutions, and what not. And to connect with your clients, audiences and even employees, you can indulge on a personal level, as well. Provide engaging Christmas countdown videos to help your audience enjoy these posts. Offer helpful gift hacks and tips. In the meantime, let us know what brands and products you’ll be launching in the upcoming year.

7. Christmas Facts Video

You might consider descriptive videos old-school, but they are one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged. Highlight some interesting facts about Christmas and New Year. For example, how Christmas is celebrated across the world, the Dos and Don’ts of Christmas, and so on. Maintain the basic principle of keeping everything simple and concise.

8. Happy New Year Video

The excitement for Christmas is not restricted to the perimeter for a single day, but also carries a sense of embracing the new year. Despite the fact that it is frequently utilised as a marketing tool, you should take advantage of this marketing chance to jumpstart your business. Continue with the simple Christmas video while also wishing a prosperous and Happy New Year!

9. Christmas HOW-TO

The HOW-TO section discusses one of the available alternatives for conveying information that will resonate with the audience. You have the option of demonstrating your knowledge on a certain aspect of the video. Some folks may want to go into depth about some beneficial Christmas activities. Similarly to providing a comprehensive guide on HOW-TO create Plum cake or HOW-TO prepare Turkey? As a result, educating your consumers some incredible HOW-TOs can be a fantastic Christmas video concept.

10. Christmas funny video

As much as we all like viewing amusing, satirical films, making them for your clients may be equally exhilarating. You can choose any Christmas-related theme, such as Santa going on a date, ridiculing elves, or making a Christmas tree out of socks. The goal of such a film is to increase brand recognition in a fun way. As a result, pursuing this Christmas video concept will be both intriguing and thrilling.

11. Hack videos

Christmas may also be a stressful time for many individuals due to all of the spending and travelling. Another amazing video concept is to assist folks with some cool tips that may make their life simpler during the rush and bustle.

12. Christmas Song Videos

To be honest, this is a no-brainer. It goes without saying that if you operate a kids channel, you should produce a video on Christmas tunes. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether the video is lengthy. While the parents are busy decorating their houses, shopping, or preparing delicious delicacies to commemorate the holiday, the digital nanny can keep the youngsters occupied while also teaching them some festive tunes.

13. Family vlogs

Recording the festivities is an excellent idea if you have a Vlogging channel. It not only allows you to preserve the precious moments you have with your loved ones, but it also allows people from all over the world to experience what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in your corner of the world.



Make your Christmas all of the greater relishing and joyful through now no longer all celebrating at domestic however spreading smiles together with your valuable customers. So, there you go! We’ve touched upon a few actual cool and a laugh Christmas video thoughts that any small or massive cap biz can probably task to. Let us realize within the feedback sections which strategies established your interest and probably were given to you for your very own toes!