Best Online Accounting Classes In India For Cbse Class 12th

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In the Central Board of Secondary Education’s curriculum, Accountancy is introduced in 11th standard with a vision to impart knowledge into students regarding accounting principles and basic concepts. CBSE Class 12th Online accounting classes are one of the most famous mediums for students to gain knowledge about accountancy. 

Accountancy is majorly a practical subject, with the finance and administrative field of economy talking about how the accounting of huge organisations are done and how accounts are settled. With debit and credit in 11th standard and then further to admission and dissolution in 12th standard, accountancy tries to give the students a clear vision on how accounting principles work and if they would like to work in the field in the coming future.

Vidya setu provides class 12 Accountancy online classes free of cost so that students can go through the entire classes and learn from experienced faculty. 

Why Online Classes 

After the Covid hit, students are struggling hard to cope up in their studies and that’s why are at the same looking for tuition classes or free online accounting courses to get their doubts cleared, students are often feeling a need to have a place where they could get all their doubts cleared and also understand important topics thoroughly. 

There are alot of online tuition for 12 class accountancy available at both online and offline level, but students often feel it is difficult to make out a difference between the two and choose the right option for themselves and their studies. 

Online ClassesOffline Classes 
AvailabilityAvailable to everyoneNot available to everyone 
Comfort Comfortable and easily approachable Not comfortable during covid times
AccessibilityEasily Accessible Not easily Accessible to all 
FacultyCan study from faculty around the world Offlien tuition teachers may lack experience.

Hence after going through the differences above it is evident that students can figure out how and why online tuition of 12 class accountancy  are better options and is a first choice for class 12th students preparing for their Board Exams. 

Benefits Of Online Classes For Accountancy Class 12

Let us first go through the Class 12 accounts online classes benefits – 

  1. Free of cost
  2. Experienced faculty
  3. Problem- solving
  4. Easily accessible 
  5. No distraction
  6. Available anywhere at anytime

Best Online Classes For Class 12 Accountancy –

Vidya Setu provides Best online accounting classes for class 12 students, it is an online learning platform where students without any registration or fees can take online classes at the same time can also go through or download the entire study material required for class 12th board preparation 

Vidya Setu provides class 12 online books , Ncert Solutions , sample papers as well as previous year question papers making it extremely accessible for all the students looking for the material. 

It also provides online notes for students so that they can prepare well for the exam and does not end up in stress and anxiety during exam times.  

Benefits Of Vidya Setu’s Accountancy Online Classes- 

  1. Free of cost- Accountancy classes are expensive at both online and offline level, making students who are financially backward unable to take up these classes to clear their doubts. Hence, Vidya Setu provide absolutely free of cost online classes for accountancy class 12 so that students from any region or financial background can take up these classes. 
  2. Experienced faculty- Students often feel disheartened as they are unable to find an experienced faculty who can clear all their doubts and at the same time can make them understand difficult accountancy topics in an easy way. 
  3. Problem-Solving- Accountancy being a completely practical subject involves a lot of tricky topics and difficult questions making it difficult for students to solve on their own. At Vidya Setu students can easily ask all their doubts under the comment section of each video. 
  4. Easily accessible- Vidya Setu’s Online Accountancy classes can be accessed from anywhere at any time making it the most trusted resource for both class 11th and 12th standard students. 
  5. No distraction- As students will be attending these classes all alone and hence  they won’t find any distraction while equalizing their balance sheets.


“Accountancy has always been the subject I score the least since 11th standard, but with class 12th Accountancy classes at Vidya setu I now scored good marks and am satisfied by my performance.”- Amit Gupta 


Online Accounting Classes for class 12th students have made studying accountancy easy and comforting for students giving 12th Board Exam. Vidya setu Online classes for accountancy class 12 helps students in understanding each accounting topic thoroughly and get all their problems solved. 


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