10 Common Hair Fall Reasons in Men You Must Know

hair fall reasons

Generally, losing 50 to 100 single hairs per day is common in men and it can affect men at any age. The hair fall reasons are:- anemia, stress, heat therapy, chemical treatment, straightening of hair, deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin B. Nowadays, men prefer to cover their baldness with hats or scarves. Also, you can consult with the dermatologist regarding a hair transplant in Jaipur.

In this article, you will know about the major reasons for hair fall in male, symptoms of hair fall, prevention of hair fall, treatment of hair fall, and home remedies for hair fall.  

Top Hair Fall Reasons in Men

1. Stress

Stress is temporarily not permanent. It can also occur from job loss, illness, accident, divorce. It impacts the other hormones in the body which can lead to hair fall. You can do yoga, meditation, and workouts to combat stress and anxiety. It is common hair fall reasons in male.  

2. Lack of Protein

It is a common reason for hair fall. If you will not consume protein then the hair falls gradually increase day by day. Consumption of protein in day-to-day life is important to improve your hair health. 

3. Vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins in body are common cause for hair fall. It can also impact hair growth. The heavy hair fall reasons are due to staying away from food. You can include fruits and vegetables to combat the cause of hair loss.

4. Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss can lead to hair fall. If you are not taking a proper diet can cause weight loss, which can trigger hair fall. It is mainly important to take a proper diet that contains nutrients and will helpful for hair growth. Telogen effluvium and Alopecia areata are the common types of hair loss that are caused due to weight loss.

5. Smoking

Smoking regularly can cause the blood vessels to shrink and block the blood circulation which can reach hair follicles because of toxic chemicals present in the cigarettes so that the important nutrients are unable to reach the body which can lead to hair fall.

6. Hair Styling

By using hair styling products such as hair straightener, dryer which makes the hair dry and damages the hair which ultimately leads to hair fall.

7. Age

Day by Day the hair fall increases with the increment in age and the hair color also changes.

8.  Shampoo

It is important to wash hair regularly and maintain hair care. Therefore, choosing the right shampoo is also important so that it can save your hair from damage and hair fall.

9. Air Pollution

Air pollution is also the main reasons for hair loss. Also, it premature hair fall and greying of hair.

Symptoms of Hair Fall in Men

1.Thinning of hair 

It is a type of hair fall in men which affects males as their age increase. The loss of hair starts from the hairline of the forehead.

2. Circular or patchy bald spots on hair

The shape of bald spots are coin-sized, circular, or patchy bald spots on the head, eyebrows, beard and may appear on other body parts.

3. Sudden hair fall

 Hair fall can cause emotional or physical stress. It usually causes thinning of hair in a short time period without any bald spot but it is temporary.

Prevention of Hair fall in Men

1. Shampoo

 It is important to choose the right shampoo according to your scalp. Washing your hair daily may protect it from hair fall. It will keep your hair clean, healthy, and strong. Use organic shampoo which will protect your hair from damage.

2. Diet

 You need to include food items in your diet which are rich in Vitamins, Proteins, and Iron. Also, it is important to take a proper and balanced diet.

3. Exercise

You can do yoga and meditation for at least 20-30 minutes regularly which will help you to reduce hair fall.

4. Chemical Treatments

 Undergoing the hair treatments like coloring, perming, straitening, and drying your hair will damage your hair and scalp. Consult with the styling about alternative treatments like organic hair colors or natural hair remedies.

5. Oiling

Doing massage with oil on your scalp may help you to improve blood circulation and nourish the roots.

6. Smoking

 Smoking is also responsible for causing hair fall, so drop the smoke to save your hair from hair loss and eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Treatment of Hair fall in Men

1. Hair weaves or wigs

 The treatment of wigs is simple but expensive. It is a treatment where hair weaves is placed in the area of baldness on the scalp. Doctors stick the wigs with glue or clips so that they will be safe and do not lead to allergy problems on your scalp.

2. Surgery

 It is a procedure used to treat hair loss and it would take 5 to 10 hours for a hair transplant. The surgeon removes the bald skin from the scalp so that the hair-covered scalp can be placed in the bald area. The major side effects of surgery are headaches, swelling, and bleeding.

3. Laser therapy

 It is also called red light therapy. The treatment of hair is safe and painless.

Home Remedies for Hair fall

1. Amla 

It is the most preferred ayurvedic ingredient for healthy and strong hair. It contains vitamins, iron, gallic acid, and fatty acids which help in the straightening of hair follicles, greying of hair, and provide blood circulation around the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Take 6-7 tablespoons of amla powder, add 3-4 tablespoons of lime juice and apply it on your scalp. after 1-hour wash it with water.

2. Onion Juice

According to research, applying onion juice to your scalp will help you in hair regrowth.

3. Aloe Vera

By applying aloe Vera on your scalp at least twice a week will help you to reduce dandruff from hair. It also helps in unblocking the hair follicles and in the issue of hair fall.

4. Yogurt

 It is rich in Vitamin and helps in promoting the health of hair follicles and also helps in preventing hair fall.

5. Almond Oil

It contains fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, and proteins and helps to reduce hair loss.

6. Sesame Oil

It is the popular oil used for hair growth. If you apply it regularly then it may help you from baldness, grey hair, and hair loss.


Hair fall in men is common nowadays and some men are looking for a treatment to regrow hair. They should consult and take advice from the hair expert before going for treatment.


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