Success in Digital Marketing: 05 Fundamental Steps

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The world after the COVID-19 pandemic requires a lot of versatility and innovation from people so that they can find new sources of income and manage to overcome the economic crisis.

Faced with this new scenario, we will present 05 essential steps for you to be successful in digital marketing.

When we talk about essential steps, we are talking about steps without which it is very difficult for a business to have a long life, achieve its goals and make many sales.

So be sure to read our article, as we will present you with practical content and high potential to improve or encourage you to set up your own business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before entering the 05 steps, without stalling, but with the necessary clarification formulation, we will define digital marketing, because without proper foundation you run the risk of starting a business and losing money.

Digital marketing is any action developed in the digital world, more specifically on the internet, aimed at promoting the brand of a company, a product, a service, in order to enlighten users, in search of conversion actions.

Remembering that conversion actions are not just those that sell or purchase products or services, but we can also list:

  • Subscription to email marketing list;
  • Content sharing clicks;
  • Entry into whatsapp catalogue;
  • Adhesion to social media campaigns;
  • Obviously buying products or services;
  • And much more.

We make a point of presenting these concepts to you, as there are currently many people trying to make money on the internet without the proper training, making their content hostile and without generating value.

Then we will try to address the 05 initial steps for you to be successful in digital marketing:

  • Choose the niche that best suits your profile;
  • Do excellent keyword planning;
  • Build a unique blog that has the potential to transform people’s lives;
  • Promote products you would buy yourself;
  • Have an active presence on social media.

Choose the most suitable niche for your profile

Sadly digital marketing is taking over by people selling many products that are presented as magic formulas for success.

However, success in digital marketing goes through planning stages that without which the financial return would be very difficult.

And nothing is more correct than the need for you to start your activities in the digital world within a segment that you know or have experience.

For example, nothing more logical for a beautician to create a blog and social media profiles focused on the beauty and health niche.

However, there are people who claim that the best segment to earn money is the online business niche.

In other words, success in digital marketing will be much harder, without pleasure and with a generation of content without the same depth, if you start in a segment that does not have much knowledge.

Perform excellent keyword planning

Performing keyword planning is essential, since it is almost impossible to start in digital marketing and position yourself in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Youtube searches for the most competitive terms.

Therefore, we recommend that we plan for your business to be successful, brainstorming, seeking to identify, through tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Keyword Magic Tools, etc., the keywords related to the niche and fine-tuned with your product.

In the beginning, you should start with the long tail keywords, meaning those that have the lowest search level on search engines but are less popular.

For example, if you are building a blog about digital marketing it is very difficult to rank for the word “digital marketing”, but it is much easier to appear if your content is geared towards the keyword “how to succeed in digital marketing” .

What are the impacts of good keyword planning:

  • Identification of keywords in your niche with competition level;
  • Start with generating content with less competitive keywords and good search volume;
  • Prevent you from producing content that is not searchable on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Youtube;
  • Tunes your content to the needs of internet users.

Build a unique blog that has the potential to transform people’s lives

It’s very difficult to achieve success in digital marketing without a blog with content that can add transformation in people’s lives.

It’s no wonder that Google values ​​presenting content in searches on its platform that can answer internet browsers’ questions.

This has a meaning. It is to present quality content to Internet users, with solutions, with answers and with meaning for the lives of those who search for a given term.

In addition, the blog is a central point of any online business structure, as it functions as a repository for your content and a point where you send your customers to have access to your best information.

Not to mention that on the blog you can present your product without limitation of rules imposed by social media platforms.

That’s why we place great value on creating a blog. However, it needs some requirements for the blog to be produced:

  • Have an attractive design;
  • Run inside a light and fast encoding;
  • Sitemap demonstrating easy access to user queries;
  • No exaggerations and no appealing and aggressive content;
  • Always implement SEO techniques.

Success in Digital Marketing involves promoting products that you would buy yourself

The title of this stage of our article is self-explanatory, try to promote, disseminate and generate content about products or services that you yourself see some meaning and use.

The big secret to success is not selling a lot, but being valuable and being able to transform your customers’ lives.

In this sense, it is essential that you choose the right product, which actually accomplishes what it promises, and that its characteristics are able to generate dreams come true.

That’s why we recommend that before announcing something, you test it, make use of the product and try to make a critical reading of its usefulness.

Well, there is nothing worse than selling a product and your customer returning it claiming defect and uselessness.

Have an active presence on social media

No business on or off the internet survives without a constant and significant presence on social media.

Whenever you generate content for a blog or produce a video, you need to post it on your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. profile.

These are the places where people meet and where you can showcase your content and gain new customers.

In addition, social networks themselves have become spaces to store their great content, and with various facilities for promoting their brand and products.


Given everything we’ve said, you have the ability to start your business in digital marketing, but don’t forget to always study, to be always recycling and attentive to new market trends.

Implement our guidelines have great success in digital marketing and good sales!!!

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