How do you connect your the phone to the TV

The majority of modern smartphones let users connect their phone to a television so that they can show the content on a bigger screen. There are a variety of methods to connect the phone to a television. In this article we’ll show you how to connect your phone to a large screen. 

The phone can be connected wirelessly using wi-fi connections as well as make use of a wired connection that does not require internet. Wired connections usually involve the use of the USB cable as well as HDMI. Also Read: best indoor tv for outdoor use

After connecting to your iPhone or Android phone to your television, you’ll be able enjoy content from the phone on a larger screen. The phone can play videos on the internet, look through images, and much other things.

How to connect a smartphone to a television

As most modern televisions are equipped with internet connectivity, you can connect your phone onto the TV using applications like Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar and more. 

Additionally, you will be able to transfer videos and photos through the Gallery app to your smartphone via the streaming stick. There are many streaming devices on the market. These allow you to connect your phone to a television that doesn’t come with built-in internet connectivity. Also Read: best 75 inch tv under 1500

How do I join an Android phone to a TV wirelessly

Connecting your Android smartphone to an television is fairly easy nowadays. Modern TVs and smartphones have simple-to-use technologies that make sharing and sharing content effortless. Here are a few ways to connect your Android phone to your TV wirelessly.

Connect by using Screencast

Certain Android phones come with the Screencast feature that lets you cast the entire screen of the phone to the television. It is possible to connect the TV by turning on the mirroring of screens on both phones. This article will show you how to enable Screencast.

  • Start the Settings app, or swipe down into the notification menu.
  • Search for an Screencast or Cast toggle.
  • It is also possible to find the Cast option in the Settings app. You can search for it within Settings.
  • Once your phone is enabled, you are able to choose the TV you wish to connect to, and then begin making your call.

If you aren’t able to get it working, verify that your phone and TV are connected to the same network. If they’re not, make sure you put both devices in the same network and then try it again. Screencasting or Screen mirroring allows you to display all the content on your smartphone on the large screen. It’s a great option when you need to share something from your phone with multiple users. You can access photos, apps or even play games by mirroring your phone to the television.

Use Miracast

The feature comes as part of Wi-Fi’s hardware found on phones and TVs, which lets you create an encrypted WiFi connection that connects two different devices. There is no need for any wireless router in order for connecting to your Android phone to your TV. Miracast is like Screencast in that it lets you to display your screen from your smartphone to the TV’s screen. This is a better option for offices since it is best suited for Windows devices. Both devices need to be able to support Miracast for connection to be established.

Casting using Chromecast

With Chromecast it is possible to turn any TV that has at least an HDMI port into smart TV. But, you’ll require an internet connection in order for this to function. It is then possible to connect your smartphone wirelessly with the Chromecast and stream your content to the large screen. Also Read: best tv for college students

Some apps are not compatible with Chromecast this means you are not able to cast the entire phone.

How do I connect my iPhone with TV via wireless

For connecting your iPhone to your TV wirelessly, you’ll require an Apple TV or something like the Chromecast. The procedure is like connecting an Android gadget to television. Both the iPhone as well as Apple TV or Chromecast Apple TV or Chromecast have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Use Apple TV

If you’re running the Apple TV set-top box, or own a television with AirPlay 2 support, then you’ll be able connect your iPhone to your TV. This is how you can do it.

  • Just head and open Control Center. Simply go to Control Center in your iPhone by sliding down from the top right corner. For older iPhones that have TouchID you can swipe upwards from the bottom to open Control Center.
  • Click to the Screen Mirroring icon.
  • Choose Your Apple TV.

You iPhone will now appear mirrored on your television.

Using Chromecast/Fire TV Stick/Roku

You can also stream the content of your iPhone to your TV using streaming devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, etc. You’ll be able cast specific apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others, on your TV via your iPhone.

  • Open any compatible app, like Netflix, YouTube, etc using the iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the icon for Cast which appears in the app.
  • Choose either your Googlecast/Fire TV Stick as well as Roku linked TV.
  • Start streaming content to your TV.

You can use the iPhone normal in this situation and play or pause content on the lock screen or the notification menu.

How do you connect a smartphone to a television using USB and HDMI

If you’d like to connect your smartphone to your television without an internet connection, you’ll still be able to do it. It’s necessary to use an adapter or dongle that outputs to HDMI via your smartphone. There are adapters for this on the internet, and certain smartphones come with an USB OTG dongle. Mini-HDMI, or HDMI adapters let the mirroring of your phone onto the TV, however you’ll require an HDMI cable, too. Many modern TVs have the HDMI port.