How Do You Get Old Stains Out Of Upholstery?

We all have that one chair in the living room that just doesn’t seem to stay clean. Whether it’s from spills or your pet, getting old stains out of upholstery can be difficult. So how do you get old stains out of upholstery? The best way to remove stains is to start by testing a small spot with a cleaner and see if it removes the stain. Next, determine what kind of fabric your upholstery is made out of. Fabric types such as wool and silk are more difficult to clean than cotton and linen. If the fabric is delicate, try using a dry cleaning solvent such as naphtha or alcohol on a cotton ball or cloth for safe cleaning.

Why do we get old stains?

Stain is a process of dying that takes place when a fabric is exposed to a substance. While the process may be natural or artificial, the stain is the product of oxidation, which is the movement of oxygen molecules from oxygen-rich to oxygen-poor air. The oxidation process changes the color and texture of the fabric and changes the chemical composition. The chemical process can happen in any part of the textile, including the weft and warp threads, which are portions of the fabric that, when pulled, create the shape of the fabric. The color also changes based on the chemical composition of the fabric. If the fabric is dyed, the dyes dissolve as a result of oxidation.

How do we clean the stains?

It’s tempting to buy chemical cleaners, but many chemicals are harmful to humans and animals. Try using simple household cleaners to remove old stains from furniture:

1. Wipe stains on a soft towel with dish detergent

2. Roll towels in a clean cloth, wring them out and apply the soaked material to stains

3. Allow the towels to air dry

4. Rinse the stain spot with a vinegar solution.

5. Use a warm cloth to blot the stain and flush gently

6. Pat it dry

Once you’ve removed the excess stain material, use warm water and a clean cloth to restore the fabric’s original color.

What can I do if the upholstery still has old stains?

After cleaning the upholstery fabric, use mild soap and detergent to gently blot the area that has been protected from the environment, gently blotting the entire fabric surface.

What is the best way to keep them from happening in the future? 

It’s simple: don’t leave the things you are going to get rid of out in the open!

How Do You Remove Rust From Wood?

Doesn’t the thought of getting rid of rust bother you? You would be surprised how often this happens. Maybe you’re not worried about cleaning rust off, but rust stain can look terrible if you leave it around the house. The best way to remove rust from wood is to use rust remover. Lemon oil is the best option to remove the rust from timber. Make sure you check the label to see if it contains lemon oil. Apply the lemon oil to the wood and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe the stain with a cloth, and it will be gone.

“If you accidentally stain a cushion with detergent, see if the stains will come out with a simple fabric softener sheet.


Even though a stain might be old, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it brighter. Make sure to spend a little extra time on your cleaning routine to ensure every area of the homestays is spotless and free of stains.