How Has COVID Changed the Beauty and Wellness Industry?

How Has COVID Changed the Beauty and Wellness Industry

The COVID-19 virus swept the world. It put countries, societies, and communities under immense pressure. The government enforced lockdowns and social distancing rules to contain the spread of the virus that affected beauty and wellness just like other industries.

Beauty and wellness are more than just a physical transformation. It’s a way to boost self-esteem, feel better about oneself, and prepare to take on the world. Since salons were temporarily closed, this sparked the trend of opting for beauty services at home in a much safer and cleaner environment. Looks like this change along with other changes in services aren’t coming slow.

Here’s are some ways COVID has changed the industry and its services:

1: Self-Care Is Everyone’s Priority

Skincare, fragrance, and bath products were more in demand than cosmetics. People even started coloring their air at home. We also learned that skincare isn’t just for women. men showed interest in improving their image and the way they feel when they take Zoom calls every day.

As a result, salons started offering at-home services which included nail treatments, mani-pedi, brow grooming, waxing, haircuts and hair dyes, and facial. People had the choice to either do it themselves or book at-home salon care.

2: Safety Is the New Luxury

Spa treatments and beauty services before the pre-pandemic era were tied to contact services. Guests were handed magazines, drinks, and even snacks. Now, salons and spa centers are looking forward to offering an experience that starts with safety. Hyper-vigilant customers expect superior hygiene services as they navigate back into the world.

3: Increased Demand for Blue Light Blocking Products

Blue light-blocking skincare, which is supposed to keep pores protected in the face of increased screen time, has sparked a lot of interest. This is obvious because people have been working from, learning from whom, and staying at home to their safety. They have practically been glued to their screens.

Some level of blue light is actually good for the skin. However, most of us have been too exposed to it hence the need for blue-light-blocking skincare products. Even some dermatologists believe can continue to maintain our skin healthy and offer it some extra love by taking preventative measures from now.

4: More People Are Signing Up for Brand Subscriptions

You’re not alone if you order the same 10 (or more) beauty products from your favorite skincare brand to treat yourself. In fact, because of this exactly, people have started to say yes to brand subscriptions to simply their shopping experience. It’s more convenient to receive monthly deliveries of your beauty essentials, right?

5: Mood-Boosting Makeup Is the New Forward

Many abandoned makeup in the early days of the pandemic and concentrated more on skin. Due to the necessity to wear masks, sales of foundation and lipstick experienced a decline. People were more interested in stuff like “face spa at home”

Now that things are back to normalcy, many of us still use less makeup than we used to. However, as an antidote, loud, fun experimental makeup has evolved as a mood-booster for many. To kick boredom, learn new skills, and feel good, people started flexing their creative muscles and experimenting with make-up looks. This trend continues.

6: Telehealth Services Have Soared

Telehealth was steadily increasing over the last decade, but the pandemic expedited the shift. The percentage of Americans who use telehealth has increased from 11 percent in 2019 to 46 percent this year. It’s predicted that up to $250 billion of current U.S. healthcare spending might be moved to telemedicine if this trend continues.

Virtual care saves us time while also introducing new care models. It has the potential to be the healthcare system of the future. However, not all patients have access to the appropriate equipment, and not all health care providers are equipped, which is a challenge in telehealth. This will change in the future, though. Companies will have to reposition themselves to keep with this transformation.

7: Skip the Lobby and Head to Your Chair

It’s the dream of every client not to sit in the waiting room browse magazines while waiting for their turn. In the post-pandemic, your woes have been heard. Clients will have to call or text in advance to make a reservation. And, you will receive a notification once your preferred beauty pro is ready to take you in. Soon, all spas and salons will ditch cash and handle payments electronically for everyone’s health.

Summing Up

While this pandemic has taken an enormous toll on every other industry, we can only hope that the lessons learned will lead to a brighter future. This is also true in the beauty and wellness industry. Salons will be more secure. Beauty will be easier to come by. And we’ll all be more connected than we have ever been but virtually. A lot has changed and a lot is changing, but things will be better!