How long do acne marks take to fade?

acne scar treatment

Acne is a universal problem, and most people in teenag​​e or young adulthood suffer from it. However, it can occur at any age. Acne is scary itself, but it can be cured with time. However, acne scars are more stubborn. Some people even use acne scar treatment to get rid of acne scars.

Acne scars are usually dark brown or blackish spots in the place of acne. It is basically your skin with excessive melanin. It can obviously fade away with time and the natural shedding of your skin. Acne scar treatment only enhances the natural factors and makes it happen faster.

There are a few things you need to know about acne scars to get rid of them permanently. Given below are tricks and tips on how you can fade away from your acne scars with or without acne scar treatment. However, before that, let’s take a look at why one gets acne scars in the first place.

  • What are the causes behind acne scars?

To find the solution, you need to dive deep into the problem to find its roots. Acne can inflame the skin and damage it deeply. It can cause lesions. With time acne starts to heal, and so does the lesion.

During that time, the body produces too much or too little collagen, which causes scarring. Skin produces more melanin to protect skin and due to more melanin, the color of that spot appears much darker in comparison to the rest of the skin.

  • Can acne scars fade away on their own?

Yes, acne scars can fade away without any acne scar treatment. The skin sheds itself regularly and creates new layers which aren’t damaged. So, over time it can renew itself and get fully rid of the dark spot. However, the procedure can take a longer time. You can encourage this procedure with acne scar treatment.

  • How to make acne scars fade away quickly?

You can use acne scar treatment obviously to make them fade away quickly. Also, you can use some home remedies if you don’t want to go for chemical treatments. Some factors are also important in this case, for instance, genetics. Popping pimples can also make the scarring worse.

Here, some dermatological treatments, which can be used for reducing dark spots are mentioned. Some of them can be really painful but show excellent results as an acne scar treatment.

  1. Chemical peels can be helpful in renewing skin and make scars fade away quickly.
  2. Laser treatment also helps to remove scars.
  3. If you are not afraid of needles, you can think about micro-needling.
  4. Fillers and injections are also good options to tighten your skin and fade acne scars.

Final thoughts

Acne scars can be scary, but they can fade away if you give them proper time or attention. You need to follow a basic skincare routine if you don’t want to use any acne scar treatment. You can also try home remedies to treat your acne scars. There’s no big difference between acne scars, or wound scars, or in general hyperpigmentation.

So, the same treatment can be taken for all of them if you have body acne scars. The face is sensitive. Thus, acne scar treatment is specifically designed for the skin on the face.