Over-the-Counter Acne Products: What works and Why

anti acne creams

Acne is a common problem amongst men and women. It plagues people from all age groups, starting with adolescent girls and boys and up until their adulthood for men and women in their 40s and sometimes even 50s. People suffer from adult acne all their life and have a hard time keeping their skin clear or even less irritated.

During the hormonal surge in the body, which typically happens in adolescence and during the mid-40s during menopause is when acne is most active.

Acne control range including anti acne creams, face washes, toners, acne controlling face masks, etc is becoming more and more popular in the market as a dedicated range of facial products tend to have active ingredients that target specific causes of acne and help in improving the skin’s texture.

What is Acne? How is it Caused?

Acne is a form of skin abnormality in which the skin surface raises above with a collection of facial oil, dead skin cells and dirt that is trapped in the pores of the skin. This collection becomes an infection ground and attracts germs and bacterias, further extending the problem.

The skin is covered with millions of pores that act as small openings. It helps the skin breath and each pore is connected to sebaceous glands that lie below the surface of the skin. The glands release natural oils that keep the skin moisturised and hydrated naturally and prevents drying up and attack from germs or bacterias.

When the pores of the skin are clogged with excess sebum and a collection of dead skin cells which sometimes get trapped in these pores, acne starts to build. This along with germs and bacterial attacks that usually occur on the skin surface, can cause the skin to erupt and form acne. This is why it is called a break-out.

The best possible way to prevent breakouts on the skin is to keep the skin squeaky clean and to use skin products that help in cleansing the pores and the skin thoroughly of anything that can clog the pores such as makeup traces and other skin care products.

Acne Products that help prevent Acne

There is a complete range of products that is dedicated to help those who have acne prone skin these days in the market. These special products come in a range of items such as anti acne cream, lotions, ointments, face washes, toners, face masks, moisturisers etc.

The best part about an anti acne product is that it comes with active ingredients that have been proven to be effective against acne infections on the skin. Some ingredients such as Neem, Basil, Niacinamide, Squalene, ZInc etc are proven medically and scientifically to be helpful against the fight in acne control.

Some of the best products that users can invest in, when it comes to acne control is mentioned below:

  • Anti Acne Face Wash

Anti acne face wash has active ingredients that help in cleansing the face thoroughly and getting rid of any excess oil and bacteria that causes the skin to break out.

  • Anti Acne Toner

A toner is very effective in cleansing the pores and getting rid of any trapped substances in the pores such as dead skin cells or makeup traces.

  • Anti Acne Cream

An anti acne cream can provide targeted treatment for the acne and help in reducing them by calming the infection and soothing the skin around the area.