How to convert PNG to WEBP

convert PNG to WEBP

There are multiple options for converting PNG to WEBP format on any operating system. These conversions may be costly or free and of good quality, and they are rather simple to do. We examined the attributes of these formats in depth before illustrating how to convert them in GIMP, Photoshop, and online. After you’ve compared the two picture formats, you may decide whether to convert them for free. You’ll need to evaluate these criteria before looking for a solution to convert WEBP to a PNG file. After all, it may assist you in determining if you need to convert these files and which format is best for whatever application. We will also be recommending the best options available to consider while you are searching for a PNG to WEBP converter. 

Now you are aware of what PNG and WEBP files are all about. While keeping that in mind, we can explore how to convert PNG to WEBP. Now it’s time to talk about Online-Convert. It is a free online converter with a simple interface that allows you to convert files such as documents, images, music, and video.

To start off conversion, you should visit At the Image converter section, click the Pick target format down arrow, select Convert to PNG from the list, and then press the Go button. Upload the PNG file to be converted into a WEBP picture. Set some advanced output file options, then click Start conversion.

You can immediately proceed with PNG to WEBP conversion with the help of this tool. It will also make sure that you will not end up with anything to worry about. That’s because you can go through a hassle-free conversion process, which is straightforward and user friendly. Anyone can think about using this tool for file conversion, and there is no need to worry too much about anything. 


Convertio is one of the most popular online PNG to WEBP converters. You may handle up to two SWF files at the same time. Other utilities include MP3 Cutter, Video Cutter, Compress Video, and so forth.

You can start off Convertio in your web browser. Then you can choose from four alternatives to upload your PNG file to the program: Choose Files, From Dropbox, From Google Drive, and URL. Next, click the Convert button after selecting PNG as the output format. As the last option, you may click Download to save the converted PNG picture after conversion.


Another useful online PNG to WEBP converter is CloudConvert. Even better, this online application allows you to convert many files at once, saving you time and efforts. Select a preferred way to upload your WEBP file from the Select Files dropdown box. Next, you can choose PNG as your export format. To modify the output PNG image, click the wrench icon. To begin the conversion, click the Convert button. As the last step, click the blue Download button when you’re finished.

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