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There is no more effective marketing tool for small businesses than Facebook. I think after such a big statement. I better support it

As a small business owner, when was the last time you took a very expensive full-page ad out of your city’s popular phone book? Or are you regularly informed by TV or radio advertising? Are your customers getting timely updates about your new products or daily offers? How about seriously improving your brand awareness? Did Facebook Stats-2010 do it for you? A well-managed Facebook business page and facebook photo likes can do all of this and more without being the word every small business dreads, “expensive.”

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For most businesses, the best sources of new customers are usually referrals. When your friends tell you they like restaurants. You are more likely to try this restaurant. Follow the company page on Facebook by clicking the “Like” button. Your actions will be published on your friends’ news feeds. Just tell these people “I like it and you should try it!” Because you are charming and tasteful. Some of your friends will do this and think that if they click “like” they will automatically tell all their friends. These people go one step further and visit your website and may become actual customers.

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Most companies are constantly changing. They started working on a new product. They organize new promotions. They won. They have tips or product recommendations to share. They have new customers This is all the information a small business needs to serve its customers as quickly as possible. Not only that, but the information your customers need to know! Facebook allows small businesses to connect with their customers in real time. This is key to strengthening customer relationships and building customer loyalty.


When your small business has its own Facebook page and you can get hundreds of likes. The next step is to attract fans. And make it your own marketing army. If you publish interesting content on your page. Some of your followers may repost, like, tag, or comment on your list. Every time someone does this, your brand reaches a larger audience. Although most people do nothing. With any content, the more they see your name. The more awareness of your brand while doing business, the more you get the chance to post free ads to your audience every day. Are you not going to do that? This is an opportunity that Facebook offers to small businesses.

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One of the advantages of social media followers booster for small businesses is that: “friends always come together” If your company’s target audience is 16-year-old skateboarders, there is a good chance that the kids who “liked” your page have a friend list dominated by a 16-year-old boy . Other Skateboard Enthusiasts Facebook is a very effective way to promote your brand. Traditional marketing tools for specific audiences such as TV, radio and premium magazine ads to reach these target markets.

Attention: Hello marketers! Did you know that the average age of Facebook users is almost 40 years old, over 14 years old!


Just creating a business page on Facebook is not enough to get results. Like any marketing strategy, your Facebook initiative requires both commitment and planning. It is necessary to regularly create and post interesting content on your page. And it’s essential to maintain a two-way conversation between your business and your followers. There is an art and a science to using Facebook as a marketing tool. Seriously consider hiring a social media marketing expert.