Influencer Marketing Working with Large vs Small Creators

Influencer Marketing

There are many common questions when it comes to starting an Influencer Marketing campaign. The biggest of them all is often about audience size — how large an influencer should you approach? This article will give you the reasons why large influencers save you time, and smaller ones save you money.

Why Influencer Marketing Help Your Business?

An Influencer Marketing is someone who influences their following, either form social media or from other ways of media.

Imagine if someone that you follow and admire tells you that buying form a certain brand is good and the brand and the eCommerce are high quality and delivers fast.

You will probably develop a higher intent from buying this brand on this website.

This is why influencer marketing has been growing. It makes people increase their purchase intent and therefore, sales.

How to Choose the Right Influencer?

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, you’re bound to have questions about how to pick the right creators for a campaign.

There are many aspects to take into account: What platforms they use, what sort of content they make, whether their tone aligns with your brand, and much more. Are they on YouTube doing videos or Instagram creating stories.

Among these strategic choices, there’s a decision that’s often the most difficult of all: Should you aim to work with the largest influencers, or smaller ones? There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach — so it’s important to carefully consider the two options.

Go for Big Influencers to Save Time

The biggest advantage of working with influencers that have a large follower base is the fact that it’s going to be a much more hands-off approach. Larger creators have likely worked with brands before, so they already know how to sell to their audience and have an established process that they’ll onboard you through.

If you go through this route, you will spend a lot more than if you target smaller influencers, but the creator will need a lot less direction than a less experienced one would. If you have the budget for it and want the peace of mind of a professional handling everything for you, a bigger influencer is the way to go.

Another way larger influencers save you time is the fact you’ll need to contact way fewer of them to reach your goals. Not only are they more likely to respond and strike a good deal with you, their large audiences mean a deal with a single influencer can make a significant difference in your bottom-line — as opposed to needing to add up the effort of a bunch of smaller ones to see the impact.

Go for Smaller Influencers to Save Cash

If you’re a small business or don’t have a large marketing budget, working with influencers with modest follower bases can be an amazing option for you.

You’ll need to invest more time into it since you’ll probably work with a lot more influencers at a time, and they’ll need more direction than their more experienced counterparts, but it can certainly pay off in the end.

The thing about smaller creators is that many of them have never had an offer from a brand before, which is a blessing and a curse. The good thing is the fact that they will probably be really happy to work with you and are likely to underprice their services since they’re so eager to get their first offer.

However, as usual, there’s a downside to paying the smaller price. In this situation, you’re working with a beginner, who’s bound to need a lot more handholding than a professional would.

Multiply that for the number of influencers you’ll need to reach to match the audience of a larger one, and the amount of effort your campaign takes will increase substantially.

Pick What Suits Your Company

In the end, working with large vs. small influencers really depends on your specific needs and capabilities. Most often, the decision should be made primarily based on the above: whether you want to save money or time.

I some cases an experienced marketing professional can help you balance between investment and return on investment.

Keep in mind, however, that whichever option you choose, Influencer Marketing is an amazing new opportunity that not many businesses are taking advantage of yet, so it’s important to not let it pass you by.

As more and more people try it out, it’s only going to increase in price — so it’s best to make a decision early, or maybe even give both options a try if you’re not sure what size influencer to approach.