Interactive floor LED displays LED Display Screen frequent defects or failures are introduced and described

The transparent display is much loved by customers and users for its enormous advantages such as high definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, and so on. It is widely used in many different fields such as security, entertainment and advertising. For customers, everyone wants to buy high quality clear LED screen and it requires good maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the perspective will be negatively affected, because if the service life even the LED lamps are dead or have a large color difference. Therefore, good maintenance played an important role in using the interactive floor LED displays.

A. Place the wide-screen optical equipment in a place where it is easy to ventilate to improve the lamp life of the wide-screen optical equipment

B. Perform a thorough cleaning of all large screen optical devices on a regular basis to improve the brightness and contrast of the large screen display system (10% to 30% improvement).

C. will affect the normal outdoor use of large screens when the temperature is very low. It is recommended that you stop using the device when it is below minus 30 degrees. However, you can take other measures to ensure normal operation, such as air conditioning in the cabinet.

Definition, resolution and pixel pitch of the transparent LED screen:

The smaller the pixel pitch of the interactive floor LED displays, the higher the definition and resolution. However, it will become more expensive. We need to consider various factors like cost and demand and supply of applications to get the best affordable products.

It is not always best to choose the smallest pixel pitch, as cost plays an important role. Selecting the best and most affordable products will be crucial. It is usually closely related to screen definition, best viewing distance and place of application. These are determining factors in the choice of suitable products, if the distance is less the price is usually higher and it would look better.

Purchasing method of the transparent LED screen:

A. It reflects the pixel density of the interval between two pixels and the pixel density is the physical property of the display; the step is smaller, the pixel density is higher, and the station information can be displayed simultaneously and will be much more.

B. When selecting the interactive floor LED displays, you need to consider the side area, the display range and whether it can support special display effects. This is because the smaller the pitch, the higher the pixel density and the lower the transmission. More balls of LED lamps are needed per unit area, which of course comes at the expense of a certain permeability.