Is Social Anxiety More Prevalent Now?

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is same as social phobia. It is a chronic (can last for years or a lifetime) mental health condition where daily social interactions cause embarrassment, significant anxiety, and self-consciousness. People with social anxiety have trouble talking to others, attending social gatherings, and meeting new people due to fear of being scrutinized or receiving judgement from others. Social anxiety is rapidly spreading now. In this article, we discuss why. 
Social anxiety is caused by inherited traits that tend to run in families, brain structures when there is an overactive amygdala brought about by the body’s chemical response to stress and a toxic environment. Reasons why social anxiety is more prevalent now are as follows.

Reduced Social Interactions Due to Covid

Covid has led to most governments imposing the social distancing law, which is affecting social gatherings. The number of gatherings has reduced, and most shifted to online meetings through applications such as Zoom, as well as the people attending them as there is a restricted number. This has led to most people being temperament. They are shy, restrained, withdrawn, or timid. The persons thus have social anxiety as they are adapted to reduced or no social interactions.

Increased Number of Embarrassing or Unpleasant Social Situations 

Embarrassing social situations such as rape, family conflicts, abuse, and trauma are on the rise. In countries like the United States, one person is assaulted every 68 seconds. These situations subject the victims to fear interacting with other people as they tend to think repeating the previous acts shall occur. Persons who were abused or subjected to trauma or conflict have grown up with the fear of talking to people or meeting new persons as they are afraid of being judged by what happened to them. Those who face family conflicts tend to acquire negative traits such as bullying, making some shy away from staying with others to cover up their negativity. 

Increase in Number of Negative Experiences Such as Teasing, Body Shaming, Ridicule, Bullying, Humiliation or Rejection

The rise in cyberbullying due to the increased use of social networks has led to most people being teased, bullied, and humiliated. This makes them feel like they are not worth enough, lowering their self-esteem. With low self-esteem, it becomes difficult to associate with others. Rejection by peers or colleagues is also increased as most people now want to group themselves in class. Once rejected, one could doubt their self-worth, making it difficult to meet new people.

Rise in Use of Beauty Features Such as Filters in Social Media Platforms And Make Ups To Enhance Beauty

Most people are getting cautious on their outer looks, thus using filters or make ups to enhance their appearance. Having an appearance or condition that attracts attention, such as tremors, obesity, stuttering, or facial disfigurement, makes self-acceptance difficult. This is because you feel you are not as attractive as your peers, which could make one not associate with others. Most people facing either of these challenges will prefer being alone and staying indoors without meeting people. Some people are too inquisitive to those with such conditions or appearances, which could make them feel uncomfortable being in a social setting.

Most Parents Have Also Become Controlling and Overprotective Limiting Their Children From Interacting With Others And This Could Give Them Social Anxiety. 

The reduced social gatherings, working from home, increased cyberbullying, unpleasant social situations, use of filters, and make-ups are among the reasons for the rise. It can be managed by learning stress reduction skills, self-acceptance, therapy, taking antidepressants, and reaching out to people you feel comfortable with. You might even consider THC from this Bay City dispensary to help with your social anxiety. This shall improve one’s confidence and ability to interact with others. Try to solve it early before you get comfortable in it.

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