Launch a business of print on demand in less than $100


If you are a creative person like a designer, writer, or artist. You can monetize your talent by selling your products online. The advent of the print on demand model of business. Has opened the doors for creative persons with entrepreneurial ambitions to get real value for their creations. Creativity attracts many customers who want to buy customized products, as evident from the high demand for printed T-shirts. Which are perhaps the best seller among all customized products. Companies use a lot of customized items for business. a promotion like printed mugs, bottles, bags, etc., and look for suppliers of these products. 

Garnering the resources

To start an eCommerce business, there is hardly anything better than the POD business, which does not have any barrier to entry.

Although e-commerce might sound like a big business, printing customized products and selling them. Online is the most affordable way to start an eCommerce.Business with minimal investment and low risk. Since personalized products are the offshoots of white label products, retailers who start the POD .Businesses must first gain access to white label products of various types that have good demand in the market. Doing some market research should help to identify the products that have good demand. Line up suppliers who can supply the items in the shortest time. Having set up the network of suppliers of white label products. You must now find ways of displaying the products to attract customers. At the same time, you must develop the capabilities of printing these items.

Look for a printer

On looking at the POD business model, you will notice that the supplier of white-label goods is at one end of the spectrum while the printer or printing company is at the other end.  The retailer must create a perfect harmony between the resources to ensure smooth business operations. While it might not be hard to look for suppliers of the items as there are several suppliers. It might not be that easy to choose a printing company. That can deliver high-quality prints on any selected item at very competitive rates. The printer should have in-house printing capabilities to cater to all kinds of printing requirements. From the simplest designs to the more sophisticated ones. From single-color printing to multi-color printing by using the most appropriate printing method. The printing company should handle everything with ease.

Added responsibility of the printing company

Although printing is the primary duty of the printing company, the role of the printer in the context of the POD business is much more expansive. Besides printing the items according to customers’ specifications and adhering to the timelines for delivery, the printer must also arrange to dispatch the items to customers.  The last lap of delivering the ordered items is crucial because delayed deliveries can affect retailers’ reputations.

The retailer has an explicit agreement with the printer that it will also arrange. For safe and timely delivery of the ordered items. The printer generates the dispatch documents in the name of the retailer and affixes. The shipping label on the package while choosing the best mode of dispatch to ensure safe and timely delivery. 

Set up an online shop

Having made all the arrangements for procuring the white label products and printing the designs .on them per customers’ requirements, the retailer must now set up an online shop to start the eCommerce activities. 

Many ready-to-use eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Etsy, and many more are ready to host retailers. Who can set up shop in any chosen platform. All the eCommerce platforms have elaborate features as expected from an online marketplace and allow retailers .To showcase the white label products and some sample designs to attract customers. By considering your requirements and what the eCommerce platform offers. You can choose a platform with optimal features that serve your purpose. Ensure that the platform is easy to use and has enough SEO-friendly features. Moreover, you should be able to direct traffic from your website to the online shop. 

Flexible business model

The flexibility of the POD business model works in favor of retailers as they can accept orders for any quantity. You can approach a retailer for a single piece of printed mug .T-shirt that the retailer would gladly supply as it would supply a few hundred pieces of any product to some company that needs it for business promotion.  The flexibility allows retailers to widen their customer base much faster and facilitate business growth. 

You can start the business without holding any inventory .Because you can utilize the time between ordering and delivery to arrange .For the inventory and print it. The cost of starting the business would be well under $100. As you pay only for the subscription of the e-commerce platform and the domain name. 

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