Method of Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Method of Leather Upholstery Cleaning

The most recommended method for your leather upholstery cleaning is using vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum cleaner with bare floor attachment and go over all the parts of leather interior of your car such as seats, back walls, door panels etc. You can also use either dry or damp mop to clean the dirt particles from the top surface of it. A dirty looking sponge would be best suited for this purpose since it will easily get into all the crevices and grooves by removing mildew or other dirt like particles stuck inside these crevices. You can also remove stains from leather upholstery by using lemon juice, baking soda and water after mixing them well in a bowl. The mixture of lemon juice and baking soda will help to clean the dirt particles from your leather upholstery as well as eliminate odors while leaving a pleasant smell behind.

Do’s: –

You should not use stiff bristled brushes on your leather furniture since it tends to lose its softness and shine over a period of time due to their abrasive nature. On the other hand, you should never rub or scrub your leather upholstery with any kind of soap or any other cleaning agent that is harsh since it may damage the surface finish of your car seats. If at all you need to wash your seats then use a mild soap solution which has no abrasive quality so as to prevent the leather or cloth from getting damaged.

Don’ts: –

It is strictly advised to never use any kind of household cleaners, detergents or soaps on your car’s leather upholstery since they contain harsh chemicals that can leave marks on your leather furniture. Always remember not to drive over puddles while driving through monsoon season because such small little accidents may lead to accumulation of dirt and spills will happen in case of sudden brakes during rainy days. To avoid this you should make sure that all the windows are closed before starting off since it will save you from high water pressure inside the cabin if the windows get broken by water pressure.

Leather upholstery cleaning is not a very hard task if you are careful enough with your cars leather upholstery and keep it clean regularly. If you maintain good hygiene of your car seats then there will be no need to replace them in the near future, yet this would depend on how much you use them as well as the area where you live. Even though leather upholstery has many advantages but it has one major disadvantage that they are costly to maintain unlike cloth materials used for seat covers. By following these methods mentioned above you can ensure that your car’s leather interior is always free from dirt and stains and looks classy forever.

On the other hand, follow these simple steps to clean the interior of your car which are given below: –

Take care of your leather interior in the following ways:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner with bare floor attachment to clean it at least 2-3 times in a week. Damp sponge can also be used for cleaning the surface of your leather upholstery. You should always use soft scrubbers and cotton clothes to clean the stains from your leather upholstery since harsh detergents would damage its finish and also cause cracking on its surf ace. If at all you need to apply soap then only use mild soaps which do not have any abrasive quality as well as smell good.

2. Use leather conditioners and leather cleaners for cleaning the dirt particles from inside the crevices of your car seats. Creams are available in market for this purpose but make sure that you read instructions properly before applying anything on your car seats since many of them contain chemicals which might affect the finish of your leather furniture or cloth material interiors.

3. Keep clean and dry upholstery always: – Make it a habit to keep them clean always so that there would be no stains left on it because if moisture gets accumulated due to wet clothes, rain or any other reasons then it will lead to formation of mold. If at all your car seats get stained then you must remove the stain as soon as possible before it gets set in because if this process takes place then it would be very difficult to treat stains on leather upholstery.

4. Do not use any kind of solvent or oils for cleaning the surface of leather upholstery since they can damage its fiber and cause cracking in its finish easily due to their harsh nature. Always consider using only mild soap based cleaners or detergents for washing leather because harsh ones may end up leaving behind whitish spots which cannot be removed easily by your cleaner unless specific processes are used including a lot of effort and money.

5. Apply polish on leather furniture regularly so that it would be easy for you to remove dirt or any kind of stains.