Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist New Orleans

craigslist new orleans

Craigslist is among the most famous Web sites. You may use it to purchase and sell items, look for residences, hunt for employment, find events, and essentially do whatever you want. The website is relatively low-tech, with no frivolous frills or graphics. The site can be operated on almost any platform, and it hasn’t changed significantly in a decade. 

People are less likely to explore alternatives now that Craigslist has an android version. Still, if you want to try a new method to view Craigslist, you have a few possibilities. But on the other hand, the frequency of Craigslist New Orleans fraudsters has increased considerably over the last decade. You must exercise caution and ensure that you understand who you are working with before handing over your money. 

Rental scam

Regional brokers are collaborating with the FBI to alert residents of New Orleans and the surrounding region about a surge of rental scams listed on the site. Fraudsters are rewording material from real adverts for properties for sale in the region to make them appear to be for rent. The robbers do not own the properties and have no rights to them. This does not prevent them from deceiving unsuspecting victims into handing them the payment and first-time buyers.

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Renovation scam on Craigslist in New Orleans

This person is a con artist who claims to renovate the New Orleans region. He markets his company on craigslist modesto, and while it appears to be completely real, which is totally illegal, many people become his customer because of this. Several customers have been duped by the residential contractor who is defrauding them. He offers his services, takes a deposit for the work required, and then vanishes with the money, never to be seen or heard from again. He has also committed countless fraudulent acts in the state of Florida.

Super Bowl Rental scams

This is the story of a New Orleans Craiglist worker lady, Margaret Walker, the owner of a modest inn in New Orleans, who likes renting out rooms to visitors in town for such a Super Bowl or a local jazz event. This allows her to meet a lot of intriguing individuals. She stated that she had had multiple instances where renters had shown up with forged rental papers at her house. A ruthless fraudster has seized her legal posting for guestrooms and rented them out to others without her awareness. This is not it, the scams like this are way too much in New Orleans, and people have to deal with it no matter what.

Car sale scam

A new fraud is being marketed on Craigslist in the  new orleans craigslist region. Beware if you find a “pristine” 2010 Honda Accord with barely 20,000 miles on it; this is a fraud that has robbed others of their hard-earned money. The ad touts the advantages of the car and offers it for a shockingly low price of around $2600. While most individuals are aware that it is a scam, now and again, someone believes they are getting a reasonable price and moves ahead swiftly so that no one else gets the product before them. In some situations, the fraudsters would insist on payment via PayPal, while others will arrange to meet you, show you the automobile, and then agree to have it sent to you the same day.