Number of Solar Panels Needed for Your House

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Homeowners have mainly two reasons for installing solar panels in homes. The first reason is that they are constructing a new house and the second one is they want to replace the old ones. Replacing the old ones becomes essential when the utility bills are still more expensive. So, it becomes necessary to hire solar companies In Pueblo Colorado, for new installations or replacements.

Decisive Factors Considered by Solar Companies In Pueblo Colorado

People are confused about the number of solar panels they need for their property. The correct number can’t be determined correctly because the factors mentioned below affect the required number of panels.

Type of Solar Panel System Installed

The grid-tie system only converts the sunlight into electricity, and it is immediately consumed. Another type of grid tie is the one that saves energy along with saving it. The third type of solar panel technology singularly saves energy to be used afterward.

Location of the Property

The solar panels are mounted either on the roofs or are on the ground with the help of stands. If the roof of a building is exposed to the sun most of the time, then the roof is the best location. Otherwise, ground-mounted solar panels in the open are also preferable.

Quality of Products by Solar Panel Installers In Pueblo Colorado

When the quality of products offered by a solar panels company will be the best, you should require fewer panels. The solar panel parts will work efficiently when the best quality products are installed.

How Many Watts will be Consumed?

Your electricity bill has every detail about the energy spent in watts. You can observe the watts are consumed monthly and calculate the average. Then check how many panels fulfill the requirement of the energy consumed.

Energy Spent on Individual Days

There are some days when the energy is consumed more than other days. You also have to check on this aspect and inform the solar panel installers like Red Oak Exteriors. They will consider this point and decide the number of panels.

The Size of House is Vital

The average number of solar panels needed for a property is between twenty to thirty, which should be enough to fulfill the need for electricity to 100% capacity. But this number can change depending on the size of the house.

How Much Sunlight Reaches the Panels?

A powerful solar panel will take approximately four to five hours of sunlight to charge fully. Say if you have fifteen to twenty panels on your small house and it is fully charged within five hours, then it means this number is enough.

How Many Appliances will be Running?

The number of appliances used in the property also determines how many panels should be installed. If heavy-duty appliances are being used, then you might have to increase the number of panels.

The Capability of an Individual Solar Panel

The capacity of an individual solar panel is also necessary. The total watts produced from all the panels determine the capability of each cell. Solar companies In Pueblo, Colorado, will consider all of the points mentioned above before deciding on the correct number of solar panels.

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