Online buy medicine

An online buy medicine app to purchase medicines sounds a bit confusing, right? 

With advancements in technology and people’s dependability on the internet, everything has shifted online. There are tonnes of online buy medicine apps. People who love comfort and convenience order medicines via a medicine online purchase app in India. 

A genuine medicine online purchase app in India offers numerous benefits to its customers, including:

  • Convenient for everyone
  • Requires less time to order medicines 
  • Sell medicines only with a valid prescription
  • Government-approved medicines
  • Range of choices in medicines
  • Fast delivery
  • supportive customer service

But, with an increase in the number of online buy medicine apps, the chances of scams or frauds increase. People, especially those who are illiterate, are more likely to get scammed by fraud e-pharmacies. Because of fraud e-pharmacies, we cannot stop purchasing medicines online. 

How to understand that a medicine online purchase app is fraud or not? 

  • See if the website or app is registered by the government of India or not. Many unregistered online buy medicine apps claim their registration. If you are not sure about the company’s registration, you can even visit the government’s website (registrar of the companies) to become assured. 
  • Confirm if the medicine online purchase app sells medicines with or without a valid prescription. Selling medicines without a valid prescription is a crime. The medicine sold without a prescription can potentially be life-threatening. Always buy medicines from an app that asks for a valid prescription before selling medicines.
  • See if the website sells government-approved medicines or not. According to the guidelines of the Indian Government on drugs, every offline and online pharmacy should sell only CDSCO tested and approved medicines.  
  • Be careful of the online buy medicine websites that attract customers with huge discounts that are too good to be true. But, if the discount and prices look reasonable, do not forget to save your money by buying those medicines.
  • Be cautious of false guidance of medicine online purchase apps on active ingredients, the dosage, side effects, and harmful interactions of medicines.
  • Check if the online buy medicine website’s URL is locked or not. It can be seen easily on the left of the URL address. This ensures your personal and financial data is safe and within the website. 

If you still aren’t sure about the online buy medicine apps, you should try Truemeds.

Truemeds is India’s first medicine online purchase app that guarantees to reduce the cost of your medicine up to 72% and supplies 100% quality medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers. Truemeds understand its customer and provide a reliable healthcare environment.

  • Truemeds follow the Government’s guidelines and sell medicines only with a valid prescription. It also keeps your personal and payment data within the app.
  • Truemeds provides CDSCO approved & 100% quality medicines and doesn’t supply medicines that are expired. It even provides the expiry date on the app. You can contact the app to know the medicine’s expiry date if not given. 
  • It provides the option to call to order a free consultation with a doctor. The doctors are certified with years of experience. This option is helpful for people who find difficulty in talking face to face with doctors or pharmacists about their health issues.
  • Truemeds provide a competent and reliable customer support service that ensures that your issues are resolved. Returns and refunds are easy with Truemeds.


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