Picture-Perfect Hues: How to Find the Right Color for Bridesmaid Dresses 

The color of the bridesmaid dresses set the basic and atmosphere of the wedding, if it’s correctly and perfectly decided determines the whole wedding look. How to choose the perfect color for your squad? Read on, and we have all the factors covered that you need to consider.

When planning a wedding, couples often carefully select a color palette that aligns with their style, personality, and desired ambiance. The bridesmaid dresses, as a central part of this color palette, become an essential canvas on which the wedding’s visual story unfolds. The chosen colors can reflect the couple’s love story, cultural heritage, or seasonal inspiration. 

Part 1. Consider the Wedding Theme and Venue

The first step is to consider the wedding theme and décor. The bridesmaid dresses should harmonize with the overall wedding color scheme. If the wedding follows a specific theme or color palette, such as a steel blue themed wedding, then steel blue becomes the natural choice for the bridesmaid dresses.

For garden weddings, consider pastel colors and floral patterns that complement the natural beauty of flowers and greenery. Soft hues will blend harmoniously with the outdoor setting. Beach weddings call for breezy and refreshing colors like sea glass, sea foam, and coral, mirroring the coastal surroundings and enhancing the oceanic charm. For mountain weddings nestled amidst lush forests and breathtaking landscapes, earthy tones like forest green, hunter green, and dark teal evoke a sense of natural elegance and rustic charm. 

Part 2. Complementing the Bride’s Dress

The relationship between the bridesmaid dresses and the bride’s gown is crucial in creating a cohesive and visually stunning bridal party look. If the bride’s gown is in classic white or ivory, it becomes a versatile canvas that any bridesmaid color can complement white or ivory colors.

However, when the bride opts for a colored wedding dress, such as a blush, the bridesmaid dress colors should be thoughtfully coordinated to complement her attire. For instance, a blush wedding dress pairs exquisitely with pastel pink, pink floral, dusty rose, and even deeper tones like burgundy. The chosen bridesmaid dress colors should echo the hues of the bride’s gown while adding depth to the bridal party. 

Part 3. Considering the Season and Time of Day

The season in which the wedding takes place can greatly influence the choice of bridesmaid dress colors. Each season has its own unique palette of colors that reflect the natural beauty of that time of year. For spring weddings, embrace pastel and floral colors that echo the blossoming flowers and new beginnings. Delicate hues like blush, light yellow, sage green, baby blue, and lavender perfectly capture the essence of springtime.

In contrast, summer weddings call for bright and vibrant colors that mirror the sun’s radiant energy. Think hot pink, yellow, aqua, and tiffany blue, which exude cheerfulness and exuberance. These bold and vivid colors are a perfect match for the sunny days and warm evenings of summer.

For fall weddings, warm and welcome hues compliment the seam best, opt for terracotta, rust colors, cinnamon rose, maroon, or rich jewel tones of emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple, these colors harmonize with the autumn’s leaves, harvest, and the mature nature.

During the winter season, characterized by its cold weather and snowy landscapes, embracing deep and rich tones, metallic colors, and glittering sequins will perfectly complement the enchanting ambiance.

The time of day when the wedding takes place can also influence the bridesmaid dress color choice. For daytime weddings, consider lighter shades that complement the natural light and create an airy and elegant ambiance. Pastels and softer tones are well-suited for daytime celebrations.

On the other hand, evening weddings call for deeper and richer colors that can shine under artificial lighting and add a touch of sophistication. Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red create a captivating and opulent atmosphere for an evening affair. 

Part 4. Mind the Bridesmaids’ Skin Tones

It’s essential to consider the various skin tones of your bridesmaids. Some colors are universally flattering and complement all skin tones, such as black, neutral shades, and sage greens. These versatile colors enhance the natural beauty of bridesmaids regardless of their complexion.

If your bridesmaids have a mix of warm undertones and cool undertones in their skin, consider incorporating a mix-and-match approach within the same color family. Offer a range of shades within a particular color to allow each bridesmaid to select the one that best compliments their unique skin tone.

To accommodate various skin tones and body types, consider the following recommendations for bridesmaid colors and styles. eDresstore.com is a bridal brand with artful designs that flatter everyone, and more than 200 color options.

  1. The beige dress features a delicate lace top and flowy chiffon skirt. The neutral color looks good on all skin tones. The round neck with middle width and depth is both flattering and modest. Cap sleeves are also a universal flattering style that look good on all body shapes.


  1. This black satin dress is extremely popular, black is a color that looks beautiful on everyone, its minimalist design is perfect for modern and edgy weddings, the cowl neck and cap sleeves flatter all body shapes, A line skirt is sewn with 2 pockets for your small pieces.


  1. The dusty sage dress features a popover top, which conveys a relaxed atmosphere. The O neck flatters all body shapes, the flaring sleeves fall naturally and look good on both plus size and slim bridesmaids.


  1. The taupe dress features a round neckline with middle width and depth, that looks beautiful on all body shapes, the flutter sleeves with elbow length, A line skirt falls elegantly to the floor.


Part 5. Try Different Shades and Fabrics

Trying on dresses in various colors allows the bridesmaids to see how the colors complement their skin tones and individual styles. It also provides an opportunity to gauge how the colors will look collectively as a bridal party ensemble.

For bridesmaids who are unable to visit bridal stores in person, ordering fabric swatches is an excellent alternative. This helps to ensure that the chosen colors align with the wedding theme and the desired ambiance. If the wedding involves mixing and matching colors, using fabric swatches allows the bridesmaids to test different combinations and find the most harmonious and complementary palette. 

As you near the final decision for the bridesmaid dress color, take a step back and consider the overall visual impact it will have on the wedding day. Visualize the bridal party standing together, radiating beauty and elegance in their coordinated dresses. Consider how the bridesmaid dress color will interact with the bride’s gown, creating a harmonious and breathtaking ensemble.

With the color choice now finalized, each bridesmaid can look forward to showcasing her unique beauty and grace on the special day. The carefully selected bridesmaid dress color will be a reflection of each bridesmaid’s individual style and complementing their personalities.