A Comprehensive Property Viewing Guide for Home Buyers

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The Dubai property market is back on track after a brief setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the flight restrictions are over, foreign investors have returned to the emirate and this reflects in the growing prices and demand for properties in Dubai.

With the ever-expanding marketing, locals and foreigners alike have sufficient options to find their dream house in this wonderful city. Not only are these options available in the form of villas and standalone houses, but various sky-touching marvels also have plenty to offer for those seeking a lavish lifestyle. One can choose from abundant apartments for sale and live a lifestyle they have always dreamed of in the city of gold.

However, property viewing is a significant factor to consider. Needless to say, when examining a home before making a decision, one must be extremely thorough and cautious as even a minor blunder might be extremely costly.

This situation, however, can be avoided by following this in-depth property viewing guide:

Focus on Small Details:

The smallest details can make significant differences. Always remember this fact. So, don’t make the error of overlooking them. When you visit a property for the purpose of viewing, take careful note of all that is possible. Examine faucets, piping, cabinetry, and bathroom fittings, etc. for this purpose.

If you identify any flaws, don’t hesitate to bring them up with the agency and/or the seller. It might aid you in negotiating a price with them.

Do Not Neglect the Curb Appeal:

This one’s more important if you intend to buy a villa or a house. The property should project a good image because it will be the first thing people see about your new home.

If there’s a garden, make sure it is well maintained. Also, check the exterior paint and other details of the property.

Sound & Lighting:

Lighting is quite important in the design of a living room as the inmates respond well to a well-lit environment. A dimly lit home, on the other hand, generates a drab, dreary atmosphere. So, while you’re looking at a house, ensure that there’s abundant sunlight, and the house is well-lit.

Aside from that, listen to the noises. If you hear an unfamiliar sound, inquire about its origin. It might be a pipe issue or any other issue that will bring you a lot of grief in the long run.

Take Size into Account:

Always remember that size matters, especially when it comes to rooms. So, focus on the size of each room if you’re searching for an unfurnished apartment or villa. Make sure you can fit your existing furniture in them while still having enough room to move about. If you ignore this feature, you may find yourself in difficult situations later on.

Make it a point to convey your room size needs to your property finding agent or platform to prevent ending up in such a stressful predicament.

Consider Your Surroundings:

Pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Make sure it’s not too noisy, has a peaceful atmosphere, and has all of the necessities. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential neighbours about the challenges that they experience in this neighbourhood. Because the place you reside in will have a significant impact on your lifestyle, the neighbourhood you choose is quite important. As a result, make it a point to make this selection after much thought and deliberation.

Focus on Amenities and Facilities Available:

You would come across many ads or listings for apartments for sale in Dubai that come with modern amenities and facilities, including a temperature-controlled swimming pool, theatre room, gymnasium, beautifully manicured lawns, kids’ play area, etc. But, it’s important that you check whether these facilities are present in the building or not. In case they are, know about their condition. Is the swimming pool actually temperature controlled? Does the kids’ play area has swings? Can residents use the lawn freely? Knowing answers to these questions will help you a great deal in making an informed decision.

Final Thoughts:

Buying a new home, for most people, is an exciting phase. Hence, they can get overwhelmed or may overlook certain details. This can cause trouble for them in the long run. Thus, it’s advised to hire professional snagging services to perform the property inspection on your behalf. As they have the required experience, they will inspect the entire property for you and help you identify any flaws in it.

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