Reducing Accidents &Drunk Driving Effects

Reducing Accidents &Drunk Driving Effects

Recently, many fatal cases of road carnage have been reported in the US. About 30% of accidents in the United States have been attributed to drunk driving. For this reason, there is still a worrying trend in increased loss of lives as a result of drinking and driving. 

Effects of intoxication among drivers

• Loss of coordination

Alcohol causes changes in the brain parts that aid in the coordination of the vehicle; it eventually decreases the ability to safety.

• Impaired vision

Alcohol relaxes the muscles that control the eyes, causing blurred vision for the driver leading to accidents.

  • Affects decision making

Alcohol use alters good decision-making, leading to increased risk-taking behaviors critical to managing the car on the road.

• Lowered concentration 

 Intoxication affects your concentration, lowering your focus and attention on the road.

• Slow reaction time

Alcohol in your system affects how quickly you can respond to different situations on the road. 

These effects have been proven to be the cause of many accidents. However, there are various ways to reduce drunk driving accidents; these include;

1. The use of ignition interlock devices

Ignition interlock devices are a great way to curb drunk driving. They are easy to install and use; before the ignition of the car engine, one will be required to breathe into the fitted breathalyzer. In the event of alcohol detection, the breathalyzer will stop the vehicle from igniting. This, as a result, will save any eventuality of a fatality from occurring.

Although this technology will help reduce the number of drunk driving offenses, the eventuality of drunk driving offenses will still stand; this kind of negligence can be vindicated by a professional New Jersey DWI Attorney who can help you get justice.

2. Ride-sharing and smartphone apps

Ride-sharing apps have been in existence for years. They play an essential role in lowering accidents and traffic deaths. What makes them unique? These apps offer an alternative form of transport convenient to impaired drivers.

 3. Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety ( DADSS)

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) is also considered a technological solution to resolving drunk driving. It has a close resemblance to the Ignition Interlock device, and has two main vital programs in its functioning.

The primary purpose of DADSS is to prevent intoxicated drivers from starting their vehicles which could lead to collisions. This device is fitted with a sensor that a driver is required to exhale into it. In case of alcohol detection, the sensor will stop the vehicle from igniting.

The second method is based on touch; with this technique, a driver places his fingers on the vehicle’s gear shift fitted with a sensor. These sensors scan the driver’s skin surface to measure the driver’s blood alcohol concentration using infrared light, saving a catastrophe.


There is a worrying concern of road accidents and deaths brought about by drunk driving. Even though legal measures have been put in place to stop these actions of drunk driving, much still needs to be done. Therefore, if you are seeking ways to reduce cases of drunk driving accidents, the tips mentioned above are proven a game changer in resolving this problem.


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