Difference between Commercial and Residential Movers in San Jose

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We all know that there are many factors in moving, no matter it’s your residential or commercial. Both are hectic and time-consuming tasks. Residential movers in San Jose work differently than the commercial movers. This article will discuss all the factors which make residential moving differently from office or commercial moving.

Moving cost

Did you know that moving cost depends on the weight and the size of your moving? If you hire residential movers in San Jose they will cost you according to the weight, size and other factors of the moving. It also depends on the type of moving. There are four types of moving: local, intrastate, long-distance (interstate), and international moving. All the expenses spent on the moving are based on these factors. So it is important for you to know all your rights and other legalities before hiring and signing any movers in San Jose. 

Moving estimates

Many people think that moving estimate is the final price a company is asking for before the moving begins. But in reality, the moving estimate is the price and the cost which gives to you from the company end. It bases on the factors you provide to them for example, size of the moving and your moving weight. 3 different types of moving estimates are:

Non-binding estimate

As the name suggests, non-binding means there are no bindings to the estimate. Here binding means contracts and agreements. This type of estimate can easily change during and after the moving. For example if your mover has given you the price quote, and on the day of moving they have changed it to 2x. Then you have to pay for that amount because there is no such contract which says that the estimated amount is the final amount. Many people avoid non biding estimates. The easiest way to figure out your estimate is to ask for a quotation on the company’s website.

Binding estimates

On the day of moving if the movers want to change the cost according to the stuff and weight, they are unable to do that. Because binding estimates is a binding contract between you and the company. For example, if residential movers in San Jose give you the estimated amount under the binding estimate contract. And now they are bound to that amount. If they feel excess of stuff and weight on a moving day, they weren’t able to ask and change the amount. So many companies avoid having binding estimates. They prefer to give you a quote, and the final cost is asked after all the legalities such as moving weight, size, and time taken.

Binding Not-to-exceed estimate

This is the most trustworthy and used binding estimate contract and is very easy to understand both by the frequent movers and those who are moving for the first time. This type of contact assures that there would be no exceeded cost applied to the quoted cost. Many people use these contacts for Long distance and interstate moving. Because there are some different types of factors involve in long-distance moving and this contract assures and stores those factors safely.

For example if the movers quoted an estimated amount under the Binding not to exceed estimate contract then it doesn’t matter your shipment has crossed the limit or is below the limit, you have to pay for the quoted initially shipment amount, and if it decreases than you don’t need to pay for the extra money, just pay the cost of actual weight weighed by the shipment.

Another important thing to consider while hiring a local moving company is that you need to be very careful about what you mention in the quotation form. For the moving estimates always provide the exact or nearly exact things. Such as if you are unable to check the weight of your moving. Don’t provide that information, and let the company representative to come as measure the moving size and weight. It will become easier for you and the company to give you the moving estimate which is exact and correct.

Did you know that many moving companies provide the services of inspection before the moving day? This inspection is important because with this the moving company can have a better idea. The main reason for prior inspection is that the San Jose movers and packers then can provide you the estimates. This will base on the weight and the size so you don’t have to experience hustle and stress.

You can also hire moving company for your packing as well. They are well trained to pack stuff effectively and timely. That is why people prefer professional movers to pack and move their stuff rather than DIY everything.

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