Seychelles Cuisine – The Best of Traditional Seychelles Cuisine & Dining Options


Seychelles is among the top places on many people’s bucket lists for many reasons.  This country, which consists of 115 islands, is renowned for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, tall palm trees, exotic animal and bird species, and many other things. The food in the Seychelles, however, is to die for, which most visitors do not know until they explore these islands.

You can be guaranteed that your taste buds and tummy will be satisfied for the duration of your vacation, with meals influenced by Indian, African, French, British, and Chinese cuisines. You can anticipate a lot of diversity in the restaurants in Mahe, Seychelles when it comes to fish and curry dishes. You’re going to think some of these recipes are strange. Therefore, while you have the opportunity, try something new!

While visiting Seychelles, you should definitely try some of these popular dishes.

Shark Chutney

Chutney is often served as a side dish in India, but in Seychelles, Shark Chutney is treated as much more as a main dish. The chutney is made by cooking and mashing shark meat and blending it with lime, turmeric, fried onion, and Bilimbi (a local fruit of Seychelles). You can have it with almost any dish at most of the Seychelles Restaurants.

Grilled Fish

There are a wide array of fish dishes available here in this country that are smoked, steamed, baked, and wrapped in banana leaves for those who love to eat fish. Here, grilling fresh fish with garlic, chili, and ginger over hot coals of the BBQ is a must-try dish.

A very popular fish that is served this way is barracuda. You’ve got yourself an ideal evening in the best bars in Mahe, Seychelles when you combine a chilled can of beer, a magnificent view of the ocean, and some fantastic company.


Breadfruit is one of the key traditional ingredients of the Seychelles, and a vacation to the Seychelles would be incomplete if you didn’t try it. Whether in boiled, steamed, microwaved, or fried form, this fruit that gives off an aroma of freshly baked bread is used as a key ingredient in a variety of dishes served here.

Tourists can be easily spotted munching on salty fried breadfruit chips while sightseeing on these tropical islands. Breadfruit is also offered as a dessert dish called ‘Ladob,’ which is made with coconut milk. Locals and tourists alike frequently request the second helpings of this wonderful delicacy. 

Bat Curry

The curried bat is one of the most famous specialties among the wide selection of exotic food available in Seychelles, so if you’re in the mood for something strange, give it a chance. Although tourists may find the thought of eating bat curry, which is made from the wings of fruit bats, repulsive, locals enjoy it. Bat curry is served in two of the best restaurants in Seychelles that serve traditional Creole Dishes, Anse Soleil Restaurant, and Marie Antoinette Restaurant.

Coconut Curry

The ever-famous Coconut curry, which is usually served with rice, is another addition to the list of must-try Seychelles cuisine in the Seychelles resorts. To make this creamy curry, onions, ginger, garlic, and a number of masala spices are fried until a wonderful aroma fills the kitchen. To finish this traditional Creole recipe, freshly produced coconut cream is combined with curry leaves and a touch of saffron. 

The combination of spices used for cooking this dish makes it distinct from other curries since it is slightly spicy.  If you happen to visit the islands, this is definitely going to be a dish you need to try. 


Seychelles’ great food is complemented by a huge range of fresh fruits, much to the satisfaction of health-conscious tourists and fruit connoisseurs. Avocado, mango, papaya, banana, star fruit, and native breadfruit are just a handful of the fruits available here.

You can buy a lot of fresh fruits from Seychelles at very reasonable prices, and the fruits are also extremely easy to find on these islands, with many fruit markets dotted around the streets.

Seychelles drinks

It would be a mortal sin not to have a good drink to accompany such a delicious meal. Adults can choose from a variety of local alcoholic drinks in the Story Seychelles Bar & Restaurant, however, individuals under the legal drinking age are limited to water, aerated drinks, or other non-alcoholic beverages. 

The following are some of the alcoholic beverages that are recommended:

  • Takamaka Bay Rum.
  • Wine from South Africa and France.
  • Seybrew beer.
  • Buka is manufactured from sugarcane and is fermented at home, similar to rum. whereas.
  • Kalou is a fermented wine made from coconut tree inflorescence that has a sour or sweet flavor after fermentation.

Seychelles’ Best Dining Spots

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to taste Seychelles’ unique cuisine, Story Seychelles in Mahe is a fantastic place to start.

Vascos – Guests can start the day with a hearty breakfast or end the day with a hearty dinner in the hotel’s main restaurant. A daily changing theme for dinner is served at the buffet and live stations, which feature a combination of international and Creole cuisine.

1502 Bar – The 1502 Bar is a classic establishment known for its refined style and service. With its concoction of tasty drinks, premium wines, and spirits, this cocktail bar in Seychelles is a place to uncover your own paradise.

Trader Vic´s – Trader Vic’s is an internationally known restaurant and bar that is listed among the Top 10 Restaurants in Mahe on TripAdvisor. The Beau Vallon’s French-Polynesian venue is its heart and soul and is also where the Mai Tai® cocktail was created. 

Eden – Eden is a gastronomic hotspot nestled between the lush foliage of the gardens and the beach. Eden is one of the top restaurants in Seychelles, serving a sumptuous assortment of Creole-inspired mouth-watering fresh fish and prime cuts of meat off the grill.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to book your trip to Seychelles and a room at Story Seychelles. We guarantee that you will have the best holiday of your life.


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