Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer – Character Analysis

Diablo 2 Necromancer comes from the steamy swamp in the south. He is a mysterious wizard in a cloak. Just like his name, he comes from a disgraceful male wizard family. He can use death and Summoning Magic to control monsters for his use. He is good at using the magic of summoning the dead. Because he studied magic in the swamp life when he was a child, his skin was like the skin of a dead body. The strangeness of his body shape and bones made the people look at him and stay away from him. But there is no doubt that he is a wizard full of magical power.

D2R character starting attribute and attribute score:

Life: 45

Mana: 25

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 25

Vitality: 15

Energy: 25

Stamina: 79

Upgrade point allocation effect:

Vitality + 1 → life + 2, physical strength + 1

Energy + 1 → magic + 2

Each level → life + 1.5, physical strength + 1, magic + 2

Personal comments:

NEC is a relatively neutral profession! This can be seen from the attribute! Each level → life + 1.5, physical strength + 1, magic + 2 HP and MP are not outstanding, but they are not bad! In terms of skills, active attack skills and D2R gears include highly toxic nova, bone soul and Corpse Explosion! Auxiliary attack skills include attack backfire and damage deepening! These are very practical skills! But on the contrary, he is not as good as a witch in spell attack! Auxiliary aspects are dispensable! So his position is neutral.

Upgrade point of view:

There are not many popular practice methods on the Internet. There are mainly three kinds: bone call, poison call and pure call!

Bone summon: Skeleton summon max, dominate skeleton max, white bone soul max, bone spear max, tooth max, summon resistance 1, Corpse Explosion 1, damage deepening 1, bone prison 1, attack backfire 1, a total of 105 points (excluding the number of passing points). Level 93 is formed! This NEC can barely stand alone! First use to deepen the damage, then hide behind 8 skeletons and constantly release bone soul and Corpse Explosion! If you encounter physically powerful (such as pal and bar types), use attack backfire! This NEC has another advantage. The attack of bone soul is an element attack, and attribute defense has no effect on elements! In other words, the damage output is very high! In this way, both PVC and PvP can correspond well and you can get some Diablo 2 resurrected items

Poison summon: Skeleton summon max, dominate skeleton max, poisoned dagger max, poison explosion max, highly toxic Nova max, summon resistance 1, Corpse Explosion 1, damage deepening 1, reduce resistance 1, attack backfire 1, a total of 105 points (excluding the number of passing points), level 93 molding! This NEC is similar to bone call, but instead of the element attack like bone call, it has become a poison attribute attack! From the attack data, the attack has been enhanced, but from a physical point of view, the poison damage per second must last for a certain time to reach the specified damage! If you encounter Andariel, a boss with strong poison prevention, you can only look forward to the skeleton (if the equipment is strong, Andariel is also in vain)! Compared with bone calling, poison calling makes NEC live longer on the battlefield, and the auxiliary effect is very obvious! It can play a strong auxiliary attack role in the team!

Pure summon: Skeleton summon max, dominate skeleton max, skeleton mage resurrection max, rebirth max, attack backfire 1, summon resistance 1, Corpse Explosion 1, damage deepening 1, steal life 1, aging 1, reduce resistance 1, a total of 87 points (excluding crossing points), level 77 is formed! This NEC is completely maintained by summoned monsters, while NEC itself is like a wizard serving summoned monsters! Because you only practice summoning, you are very relaxed in skill points! (Note: don’t cultivate stone demons, fresh blood demons, steel stone demons and flame stone demons! Because any stone demon without bonus is very fragile in front of the enemy! It’s better to replace it with skeleton mages with higher value and lower cost!) in order to win, we have to make efforts in curse magic! Aging, reducing resistance and deepening damage can cause great auxiliary damage to the opponent! Coupled with the focus aura, you can make the skeleton attack more powerful! Novices are recommended to use

About equipment:

Due to different uses, experts usually tailor a set of equipment for their characters! However, in order to solve the novice problem, I recommend a relatively neutral set of equipment:

Weapon: Arm of King Leoric

Helm: Shako

Wings: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Clothes: Tran oul’s scales

Shields: Homunculus

Gloves: Tran oul’s claws

Belt: Arachnid mesh

Boosts: Marrowalk

Rings: Stone of Jordan * 2

Mercenary weapon: Pride

Mercenary clothes: Chains of honor

Mercenary helmet: Crown of ages


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