Six Ideas for the Ultimate Girly Bonding Day

Girly Bonding Day

After over two years of being unable to have a proper girly catch-up with your best friends, sister or mom, this summer should be all about reconnecting with your best female friends, sharing your experiences, and creating new memories.

So, that said, here for your information and of course your reading pleasure, are the top six ideas for the ultimate girly bonding day. 

  1. Spa & Massage Day

Nothing says bonding than relaxing with your best girlfriends in white, soft robes, drinking prosecco, and waiting for your massage and beauty treatments to begin.

Booking a professional massage with a prestigious and established salon, such as will mean you and the girls get to be indulged and pampered and end the day feeling incredibly peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

  1. Bottomless Brunch

An incredibly trendy and not to mention highly Instagrammable outing for you and the girls is to book yourselves a table at a venue that serves a bottomless, boozy brunch

Brunch has become the most fashionable meal of the day, and what is more, if you choose a day when you are all free in the evening, preferably a Friday or Saturday to catch those weekend vibes, once the brunch is over, you’ll all be ready to go straight to the club to dance the night away. 

  1. Paintballing

If your particular group of girlfriends are much more outdoorsy than indoor people, then a fantastic alternative idea for a girly bonding day is to go paintballing with your entire crew.

Not only will the sight of your usually glamorous friends dressed in unflattering, khaki overalls, complete with helmets make for the best candid snaps, but paintballing and other similar activities instill an instant sense of teamwork and bonding in the players..

  1. Zubaball 

Another outdoorsy and decidedly sportier event you can take your group of girls to is one which is guaranteed to get both your pulses racing and laughter muscles exercised; welcome  to Zubaball, or bubble football

Essentially, Zubaball is where you are placed inside a huge, inflatable ball and then use your entire body to play a game of football, or just attempt to run people over, for an hour or more out on the field. 

  1. Visit a Psychic

If you and the girls are planning more of an afternoon than an entire day and night, then one exciting and certainly different choice would be to book to see a psychic.

Often, psychics will offer group sessions and whatever your beliefs, it will provide an interesting experience which is sure to encourage good times and bonding. 

  1. Karaoke Night

Finally, for a raucous and highly entertaining night out with the girls, why not look into booking a karaoke private room?

Often, these venues have a bar integrated into the experience, so the more relaxed you become after a prosecco or two, the more likely even the more reserved members of your group will start to open up and reveal their secret singing voice.