The Essential Guide to Becoming an Online English Teacher

English Teacher

English online teachers are the most popular and demanding online jobs on the market and the demands are constantly growing. Have you ever wished to become an online English teacher without any hassles? If so then you are in the right place, today we are going to do exactly that.

In this article, we are going to give you the essential guide to becoming an online English teacher online. But before that are you someone with weak English and do you desire to improve them? The best way to improve English skills is by getting an English teacher online.

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1. Getting a TEFL or TESOL Certificate

Before you even think about teaching English online, the first thing you should do is get a TEFL or TESOL certificate for yourself. A TEFL certificate means teaching English as a foreign language certificate. TESOL  also stands for something similar, it means teaching English to speakers of other languages.

When you are going to apply for an English teaching job online these TEFL or TESOL are really important. These certificates help verify a person’s experience and educational background so the institute or students don’t have to worry about their teacher. It also proves an English teacher’s capability as it shows how fluent they are in English.

2. Buying Proper Equipment for Online Classes

After you achieved your TEFL or TESOL certificate, it is time for you to buy the proper equipment for your online classes. Because you are applying as an online English teacher, it means you have to take classes virtually. Although it might seem easy at first sometimes you will understand just how important this step is.

You should always remember when it comes to online classes your presentation is the most important thing. If you have a crappy webcam and microphone then no matter how good of a lecturer you are it will still be a bad presentation. So buying proper equipment is the most important thing you should do before starting your first online class.

3. Making a Flexible Teaching Schedule

When you are done buying equipment for your online classes, now you should think about a flexible working or teaching schedule. Although many online tutoring sites have flexible teaching schedules, making one for yourself is not a bad dissection. Making a teaching schedule can save a bunch of time and hassle that you might face in the future.

While making a schedule, you should always remember to think about both you and your student. If you make a schedule at 2 AM it might be a good time for you but it can be a bad time for your students or future students. So when you are making a schedule make sure you have the perfect schedule for both you and your student.

4. Fixing a Reasonable Pricing 

After you are done with your schedule fixing, not it is time for you to fix reasonable and affordable pricing. Remember even teachers who are better than you might charge lower than you so before charging anything, you should study the current market. Also, don’t charge your fees extremely low or the student might lose confidence in you.

The best pricing for you would be to study the market and make a balanced and reasonable fee as your standard. An important note to remember, sometimes giving small discounts can attract more students to you.

5. Finding the Right Online Platform

If you followed all the steps above, it’s time for the final step which is finding the right online platform for yourself. There are platy of online tutoring and teaching sites but not all of them are good for you. What you should look for before finding the right platform is by making sure they offer a flexible scheduling and pricing system. 

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Nowadays English has become the most essential tool as a solution for language differences. Almost everyone is learning English as their second language so they can achieve better communication skills. In this article, we have discussed and given the essential guild to becoming an online English teacher.

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