TikTok Analytics: An Ultimate Guide For Businesses (2022)

Do you want to know the metrics you can track using TikTok analytics? If yes, let’s start reading this article to understand analytics better. In this trending world, TikTok is the most used social media application in the world. Its massive user base is nearly 1 billion active users monthly. This stat influences all brands to make a presence on TikTok. However, to successfully flourish your business in the TikTok business world, it is crucial to tailor your marketing strategy. To enhance your brand’s exposure instantly, buy tiktok likes and successfully run your TikTok marketing campaign. Further, as a business owner, you must check out TikTok analytics to know that you are doing right or need to improve your marketing efforts. Whereas taking a closer look at essential metrics helps to take the necessary steps to create the content that stands out on the platform. Let’s dive into this article!

What Are TikTok Analytics?

TikTok is a fantabulous social media application that has now transformed into a powerful marketing tool with plenty of features. In the platform, one of the fantastic features is TikTok analytics which collects your TikTok profile data and provides it in a graphical representation on one page. Only you can use the TikTok analytics features if you switch to a ‘TikTok for Business’ account. After successfully switching over a business account, you can track data from 7 to 28 days. Clear analytics lets you know what videos work best for you and what you should drop. Therefore you can make the required changes in your videos and stay ahead.

How To View TikTok Analytics?

If you switch to a pro account, you can access the TikTok analytics feature. There is no need to pay to use these features, and you can get all the metrics by following the below steps:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Navigate to the settings and tap the ‘Manage My Account’ option.
  • Select Switch to Pro Account.
  • Choose your business category.

If you have finalized the above steps, you can track TikTok analytics on your device. Remember, only you can track the data after seven days from when you switch to a Pro Account. 

Do you know what metrics you are going to track? Here explore it.

  • Overview Tab
  • Content Analytics Tab
  • Followers Analytics Tab

Overview Tab

While using the TikTok analytics feature, the first thing the users see is the Overview tab. In this tab, businesses can explore the total video views they got in the last seven days, their new followers, and their profile views. Also, you will get to know the number of followers who left your profile. Whereas getting the data seems interesting, and it effectively helps you to understand your business growth and whether the efforts you have taken are worthy or not. 

Content Analytics Tab

The content tab is one of the essential data for your profile that you should access to get a clear view. First, make sure to explore posts that you have posted recently and know the number of views that your videos got. Next, you will get to know the videos that were trending and featured on the For You page. If you want to take your content to the For You page in no time, then opt to buy tiktok fans and improve the conversation of your brand’s content.

1. Trending: TikTok offers multiple features to increase your content exposure, and one of the compelling features is the For You page. If you create the trending content, the algorithm pushes the content to the FYP, and the content will be in front of many users. In addition, find out your trending videos, and with a clear perspective, create the content that goes viral on the platform.

2. Individual Posts: If you click on each video, you will explore the analytics and collect the information about your video performance. You will look at the data, such as:

  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Content that shared more
  • Total playtime
  • Average watch time
  • Traffic source
  • Origin of audience

Followers Tab

The follower’s tab helps you know the type of audience you attract and makes the content more creative to attract more users. Brands always aim to target a specific audience, so it is vital to determine your followers’ demographics. Whereas exploring the follower’s tab, you will get to know the metrics such as:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Follower activity
  • Videos your followers likely watched
  • Sounds that your followers love to hear

Final Verdict

TikTok analytics is really a valuable feature that matters a lot for businesses. Whereas, utilizing the analytics features, businesses can know their audience and how well their content performs in the competitive market. Well, get clear insights about your profile. Then, make sure to create content that well attracts your audience. Moreover, curate the strategy that suits your business requirement and goals for an incredible reach. Also, you can buy tiktok views, which is extremely useful to broaden your brand’s reach and enhance brand awareness. It’s sure that you won’t waste your valuable time and best promote your brand and stay ahead of the competition.