Tips for Effective Instagram Management

Instagram Management

In this article, we conveyed the details of how to use Instagram, one of the most popular social networks of today, more effectively. Here are Suggestions for Effective Instagram Management!

In our country with a population of 82 million, there are approximately 59.5 million active internet users. This corresponds to 72% of the population. If we calculate that nearly 13% of the population is in the 65-90 age range and 8% of the population in Canada is between the ages of 0-4, we can predict that 90% of the population between the ages of 13-65 is internet users.

Likewise, according to the We Are Socials report, there are 52 million social media users in Canada. While this constitutes 53% of the total population, we can predict that more than 75% of the 13-65 age groups are social media users.

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Quick sprout Brand Engagement Rates

While making these statistics, Facebook and Instagram data were taken as a basis. Imagine that you can reach 52 million people in your country in real time in an online market and you can follow the results instantly. There are thousands of metrics and variations available in a market with so much potential. Of course, every company now has an Instagram and Facebook page.

While some companies entrust social media management to professional hands, some companies take a marketing action by performing this management within their own structure. If we look only from the perspective of Instagram, according to Ajanspress data, there are 37 million active Instagram users in Canada.

Effective Instagram Management

Let’s start with direct concrete information and give the keywords.

  • Simplicity (Definitely Not Simplicity.)
  • Correct Message
  • Call to Product.

I find the concepts of social media and professionalism to be contradictory. In other words, you need to have a sincere social media setup where you can speak the language of people and respond to them, even if it has been fictionalized before. Accordingly, instead of interactive images, natural images or photos will always increase your interaction rate. Effective content marketing using the right content is also a must.

Your images should be designed with minimalist lines and your page should definitely have a line. It is also important that the message is clear. Finally, you need a call phrase (CTA) for the interaction name. For Call Phrases;

  • Choose your side
  • Which is your favorite?
  • Tell your preference!

Examples include CTAs. In short, each brand should determine a suitable CTA according to its own content.

Organize Giveaways on Instagram

Another important dynamic in effective Instagram Management is “Instagram Sweepstakes”. It is necessary to be very careful when organizing these activities, which are indispensable for Instagram. Because you can gather the audience that has opened an Instagram account just to participate in the sweepstakes, which will not be of any use to you, to your page. The right timing, the right prize selection and the setup are very important in the draws. That’s why you should practice editing well when organizing contests on Instagram.

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Instagram Algorithm

Sharing Algorithm

Instagram only shows any post you post to 10% of your followers. So in your mind; “I made a post so at least my followers can see It.” such a thought should not come.

Your interaction and other statistical values ​​should be high so that you can reach your goal. Although there is a subjectivity with the sharing hours, in general, the hours when the followers are active are 11:00 – 13:00, 19:00 – 21:00 . Of course, by making a monitoring within your own page, you can examine the active hours of your page and take action accordingly.

If you are a commercial page, it is a little difficult to continue on your way without advertising. We can say that it is a little more difficult to reach the targeted conversion values. However, you still have to follow the set criteria and understand the Instagram algorithm.

Comment Algorithm

Another topic on Instagram is comments. For effective Instagram Management, you should respond to comments as quickly as possible. (Within 60 min.) Do not use automated comments to make things easier. Using location in your posts according to the format of the post is an important element that will increase your engagement count.

Follower Algorithm

Instagram will welcome pages with large followers and high interaction to follow your page very positively. Also, the algorithm will detect that there is a potential on your page. For this reason, try to ensure that pages with large followers and high references follow your page. It is also an option to draw attention to the incoming likes by sending a follow request. Thus, you can enable the user who is active at that time and interacted with your post to follow you.

Hashtag Algorithm

Another issue is the use of tags. It is not recommended to use dozens of tags under our posts. It is useful to be selective in the use of hashtags. Especially if you are managing a commercial page, you should choose your tags according to your target audience.

On the other hand, let’s say that there is an education page with 5,000 followers, and the video he shared has achieved 100,000 views or 15,000 likes, and has managed to reach the main posts in the education tag, you need to search for and find posts like this. In other words, the aim here is to detect posts that have received high interaction with low follower count.

Instagram Hashtag Algorithm

We need to move away from classical methods and find the right methods and apply them. Because with new algorithms, it is not easy to catch interaction on Instagram. The fact that a hashtag is used by millions or generating serious traffic does not mean that you will gain access from that hashtag tunnel. For this reason, by identifying keywords; we need to find low follower, high reach pages and use their hashtags.

For example, if you share training posts or construction projects and use generic hashtags, you will get less traffic. So your interaction will be low. What you need to do is to check the shares while searching for hashtags and to rate the share effect with the page likes.

Photos with 5 or less hashtags (#) on Instagram get more engagement!

In particular, it should be noted that Instagram is a photo-oriented platform. Therefore, your photos provide more interaction than the videos you upload. By the way, you should pay attention to the colors in your photos. Because, contrary to what is known, light colors get more interaction. The effects you use in your photos are also very important for Instagram. People get bored of seeing the same content from different people all the time on Instagram. So it is quite common for people affected by this platform to post once a day. That’s why they are looking for the best site to buy Instagram followers Canada. This is a great strategy.