Tips to Avoid Lawsuits for Breach of Contract

Most business people don’t want to find themselves in a position where they feel forced to terminate a contract before the term ends. There are several common defenses against a breach of contract. These include if the business is suffering from a natural catastrophe or if one of the parties cannot comply with the terms of the agreement due to an unforeseen circumstance. However, to reduce the chance if breach of contract, you can implement a reliable contract management software.

Sometimes, however, parties may need to end an agreement to continue with their respective activities.

Ways You Can Breach a Contract?

There are three main ways a party can break a contract. These are the three main ways a party to a contract can break it.

Anticipatory breach: Anticipatory breach is also known as an anticipatory repudiation of the anticipatory breach; this is when the breaching party informs the other party that they won’t perform the contract-related performance. After the breaching party has been notified, they may claim a breach of contract.

Minor Breach: One party fails to perform a minor part of the contract’s performance. This can happen if the contract contains a technical error (e.g., an incorrect date, price, or typo). The entire contract is not breached in this instance; it can still be substantially executed.

Material Breach: A breach of contract is most commonly cited for material or fundamental breaches. An actionable breach is so significant it cancels the contract. It renders either party unable to perform.

Contracts can also be broken if they are fraudulent, unconscionable, or made illegally or errors in the terms. A clause that specifies when an action of a party can be considered a breach may also be included by the parties.

Also, the state law and type of contract (e.g., sale contract, lease agreement, etc.) can be important. Other ways a contract could be broken include state law and the type of contract it is (e.g., sales contract, lease agreement, etc.).

Ways to Avoid Contract Breach

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Check Out the Contract

Check the contract carefully, including any amendments or letters that may have been sent or received. Be sure to check whether penalties may be imposed for early termination or breach of the agreement. Also, make sure to see if liquidated damages can be recovered from the party that terminates early. If the court finds that the contract clauses are valid and enforceable, “liquidated damages” may be allowed in Florida. A liquidated damages clause can be invalid if it imposes unnecessarily burdensome obligations that could far exceed the damages for a typical breach.

Follow The Contract

You are legally bound to keep your word once the contract has been signed. You must complete the task within the given time and budget. The contract can be modified if you are unable or unwilling to perform the job. However, neither party is required to do so. Do not sign any contract that you aren’t able to live up to.

The Legality of Contract

The contract must comply with all laws and not contain any illegal requirements or requests. The courts cannot enforce a contract for an illegal act.

Give Reason

A contract can be broken for legal reasons, including being prevented or lacking capacity. An experienced attorney can represent you in court if you are the victim of a breach-of-contract lawsuit.

Direct Approach

To see if there is a way to reach an agreement party, approach them. It may help you avoid liability for malicious dealing or bad faith. This may also prevent the need to go to court. Consider consulting legal counsel if you decide to take this step. You may be able to combine a chat with the principal of another company with a follow-up from legal counsel.

The Clarity in Wording and Language

Let’s suppose that the other party to the contract you are negotiating with doesn’t speak the same language as you. If one party claims they didn’t interpret their roles the same way, this can lead to miscommunication. To reduce confusion in the future, hire an interpreter and create a copy in the native language of the other party. Even if the contract is in the same language as the parties, confusion, and miscommunication can still occur. You might consider hiring a Maryland business lawyer to review the contract before signing it.

Talk to A Legal Counselor About Your Dilemma

It is not uncommon for contract language to be difficult to comprehend or interpret. A good lawyer can guide you in the right direction for your next steps.

Final Words

Respecting and honoring contracts you sign is an essential part of doing business with someone or an organization. What can you do if another party fails to live up to their end of the contract? What if you are accused of not honoring a contract? These points can be used to avoid the dreaded breach-of-contract lawsuits.


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