What is the Foundation Course in the UPSC Exam?

Foundation Course for UPSC

The UPSC Exams is an important exam that probably decides the fate of the nation – the UPSC exam helps in picking out the brightest minds of the country who can serve from the best positions and ranks in the Indian Administration and in Government Positions.

They are selected purely based on the performance in the exams which have 3 stages – The Prelims, The Mains and the Interview Process. There are different modules online that can help prepare students in all 3 stages. The Foundation Course for UPSC is one of the most important modules that helps in preparing for the written exam in the core subjects and for the Objective and Subjective Based papers.

The Pattern of UPSC Examination

UPSC Exam for CSE, the Civil Services Examination, is one of the toughest papers and is set by experts who have very deep knowledge of the topics. The exams are also graded and scrutinised most intensely with scope for negative marking. Therefore, preparing for these exams needs utmost care and caution. The most important aspects for preparing for the core subjects in Prelims and mains are:

  • Choosing the right preparation mode
  • Choosing the right books
  • Choosing the right optional subjects

There are many online and offline coaching classes that help in preparing students in the right manner. There are various modules for those who would like to train and prepare online such as Foundation Course for UPSC, Test Series, Interview Preparation Module etc. These packages help in preparing for each separate module and helps in focussing on the right method to train and practice for these exams.

The Syllabus for Core Exams

There are various papers in the prelims and the mains exams, they are split widely into 3 portions:

  1. The Language Papers
  2. The General Study Papers
  3. The Optional Subjects

These are the 3 parts of the core papers in the prelims and the Mains examination. The language papers are very important as they are mandatory for all those who appear for these examinations. Languages are an easy way to score and can be prepared well in advance by opting for language skill classes online or offline at a coaching center.

The General Study papers are split into 4 to 5 exams and cover a whole variety of topics related to Indian Current Affairs, World affairs, History, Geography, Politics, Environment, Science, Indian Languages, etc. This is considered to be the core of the exam and has a scope for negative marking as well.

To prepare for these exams there are many training modules and coaching classes that help with foundation courses to prepare for these papers. Students are advised to be prepared with all subjects such as all sciences, languages, current affairs, general knowledge, maths, etc, as the papers tend to have a variety of questions from each subject matter.

Timing and accuracy are of great importance therefore it is advised that students take as many mock tests as possible to ace these exams. The Optional Subjects also come in 2 papers and can be chosen by the candidate at the time of application and registration.

There are many topics to choose from such as History, Geography, Political Science, Environmental Science, Public Administration, Indian Languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, etc.

These papers help in gaining extra scores as they can be chosen by the liking and score-making ability of the student. Choosing a well-known subject boosts the chances of a good score.